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Trina Wylington VCCV ESP Download



Happy 22nd Birthday Trina! [May 20th 2018]
To celebrate, Instead of doing something normal, I decided to release a SPANISH VOICEBANK! Yup. Because that's what I totally do. Release other language banks instead of Act banks on birthdays. Wow.
Well, I just didn't have time (Or money) to make a whole new Act voicebank for Trina at this time. If I do have time i'll try and record her, but when I'll have the extra cash, well.... I honestly would rather try and get current projects complete first instead of going to complete a new act voicebank which i'm not even sure anyone wants (Because I certainly don't want a new act voicebank, I want to finish project blazing star with the other girls)
So anyways!

Official Design 
Trina Wylington European Tour Reference by Starlight-Enterprise

~VB Info~
Turquoise Bullet - F2U! Bank is VCCV ESP
Turquoise Bullet - F2U! Recorded using Aku-P's ESP Reclist
Turquoise Bullet - F2U! Monopitch voicebank
Turquoise Bullet - F2U! Demo 1:
Turquoise Bullet - F2U! Demo 2:

~MMD Models For DL~
None for Official Design
YYB Style Trina Wylington Casual (Model DL) by Starlight-Enterprise  Casual Trina Wylington [+Model DL] by Starlight-Enterprise  Trina Wylington Cyber [Model DL] by Starlight-Enterprise 

~Other Free Voicebanks~

Trina Wylington Star Constellation [VB DL]  (CVVC)
Trina Wylington HQ Demo [2017] (Download) (VCV)
Trina Wylington Cosmic Star [VB Download] (CVVC 
Sango's List)
Trina Wylington Free CV Edition 2.0 (CV)
Trina Wylington Blazing Star Demo (VCV)
Trina Wylington Blazing Star ENG [Monopitch] DL (VCCV ENG)
Trina Wylington Valentine Append [2018] Download (CVVC)
Trina Wylington 5 Year Anniversary Bank Download (CV Tripitch)
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Can't wait to hear it~!