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Trina Wylington Acts 1-5 [Discontinued]



Update 10/25/2019: This bank has been discontinued from the Starloid series

Now 100% Free and Unlocked!

The free DL is up for... lets do 48 hours. Gives more people a chance to download it.
After though it will be 50:points: to download the package.
I adjusted the OTO for Act 2 and 3 and added an actual OTO for Act 1 (It was encoded but not OTO'd x_x)

Note: Trina Act 4 isn't included or any of the extra act 4 banks because there was so many issues with all the banks before Act 4.5
Note 2: So I had deleted almost everything that had to do with my old accounts after I had a meltdown in like May of 2016 so there aren't very many old videos of these VBs (a few people used the old VBs though that you can find) so all these sample I did are brand new. i hope they all sound okay, this was a last min project

A lot of retro vocaloid songs lol...
Act 1:… [NicoNico:… ] (YT is a butt)
Act 2:…
Act 3:…
Act 4.5:…
Act 5:…
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