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Trina: Compilation Album Download



Yup, I finally did the info and album art so I could release this darn thing and add the songs to the albums for the boxed editions.
This also means I'll be giving out the boxed editions soon! Yay! I'll be announcing the raffle winner on Thanksgiving (US) and yes I know I was supposed to do all this forever ago but it's a lot of work to try and get Original songs. 2 I got for free and 2 I commissioned so at least I got 4 songs. I wanted to have 8 songs but I just don't have the money to commission a bunch of Originals and I don't really know anyone who makes originals that would do it for free (only friend I have that would makes JP originals lol)
The cover art and Logo are by LadyOgien and the originals are by multiple users but the only one I know has a DA is celestrai (Chasing Constellations)
This download is FREE, I am not profiting off the distribution of these songs, if any composer wishes for me to remove the DL, I will. (Though the users I commissioned were informed of their songs being on the Album anyways before making the song)
Album Preview:
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