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Ari Lambert 5 Year Anniversary Bank Download



So it's only a day late so woo! This is great! Only a day behind is better then being a while week behind like i thought. I actually just finished the OTO tonight after spaceman left lol. I pushed through it so I could try and finish it! Now all the important anniversary banks are up and I have nothing to worry about! Woo! I can just take my time :3
I'm really happy with how Ari sounds. Not many of my watchers I think ever heard Ari's act 1, but this voicebank I decided to go back to the original voice type I had for Ari. Its a soft sweet weak voice but it's perfect for a character like her :3
I hope you guys enjoy the new voicebank!

~VB Info~

Bullet; Pink Bank is CV Tripitch
Bullet; Pink Hirigana encoded for both banks
Bullet; Pink Files are in romaji names
Bullet; Pink Monopitch voicebank
Bullet; Pink Demo:

~MMD Models For DL~
TDA Ari Lambert JP Act Model Download by Starlight-Enterprise  Casual Ari Lambert DL [Happy Halloween!] by Starlight-Enterprise  YYB Style Ari Lambert (Model DL) by Starlight-Enterprise  Ari Lambert Cyber [Model DL] by Starlight-Enterprise 

~Other Free Voicebanks~

Ari Lambert Free VCV Edition DL  (VCV)
Lola and Ari Voicebank Combo Download (CV Monopitch)
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