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Sometimes I vector, sometimes I doodle.

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TL;DR - I made a new Instagram and Twitter to post some new art! I will only be active there. Hello there! Not sure if any of you remember me (I have been completely inactive here for over 2 years after all). The last time I was here I mentioned some "big life changes" coming to my life that would affect my ability/desire to keep making vectors - and I ended up dropping it to focus on other, more pressing things. However, a certain virus happened, and I've been in complete lockdown for months now :/ In the boredom, I tried picking up a few hobbies... and I just so happen to receive a second hand drawing tablet from someone. I never used a tablet before (vectoring with keyboard and mouse was the extent of my digital art, and I never enjoyed its limitations - part of the reason why I dropped it), so I was curious to try it out. Well, seems fun :D. Fun enough for an artistic comeback, perhaps? Either way, I might as well post my new art somewhere. I don't really want to return to
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Quick update

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Hey, people who still remember me. This is just a quick activity update since my last journal a few months ago, where I said I was about to go through some life changes and adjustments that would take me away from art and vectoring temporarily. And that's still happening. I was expecting to settle everything earlier, but there have been some 'things' that I didn't see coming. To be honest, I was kinda expecting this situation. So what does this mean for my activity on Deviantart? Long story short, my life is like scattered pieces of a puzzle that I'm still re-arranging. I know what the pieces are, which ones I need and want, but I'm still n
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Hey there, first I'll take this time to say Happy New Year. 2018 may have been a good year, or a bad year for you. Either way, we're off to 2019 -- so good luck to everyone. Secondly, as a new year has started, a new life is beginning for me. This involves me moving to another country, quite literally on the other side of the planet. Yep, big stuff. I've been stuck in a loop for far too long and I was starting to lose it. It's about time I took this one leap of faith... so here goes nothing! Of course, adapting to a new life and the changes it brings means I'll be busy for while, so I'll probably take a break from vectoring, along with oth
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How's the coronavirus thing? 
Hey, thanks for asking. I don’t live in Italy anymore so I’m safe, but my family is stuck in their houses until this thing passes. It’s hard but they’re holding up.
That's a relief on your side! Tho, I hope your family can remain safe >~> You live in Australia now as well? 
Thanks, and yeah I live in Australia
Howdy. Say, why did you hide everything about yourself? Is it because you want to remain anon?
Hi. Sorry, what do you mean exactly? I don’t recall hiding anything recently.
I mean, your location, recent activity, and stats.