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EDIT: Please note that the petition deadline is over.

Remember Les Mis Extended? If you don't, let's recap: Tom Hooper has talked about releasing an extended cut of the film only if fans are interested. To let him know we're dying for a longer version, we have to build some barricades...

So, me and Uirukii came up with an idea. How about us Les Mis fanartists collaborate and draw a long line of Les Mis characters demanding an extended edition of the movie?

:bulletblue: One character per person. It can be anyone from Les Mis.
:bulletwhite: You should draw the character's full body, and they should somehow be going to the left.
:bulletred: Digital or traditional art are both okay, as long as the background is white or transparent.
:bulletblue: Submit the pictures with a reasonable resolution – no teeny-tiny thumbnails so we can photoshop them all together without them going pixel-y.

Submit your character to deviantART and send us the link. You can also upload them to Tinypic, Photobucket or similar – just remember to send the link to us.

The petition is uploaded in LesMisClub and will be updated each time someone submits a new character. We might even try submitting this to the Les Mis Facebook's Fanart Wednesday if there's enough support!

If you want to tweet or blog about this, use the #LesMisExtended tag.

So, can't wait to see your submissions! Contact me or Uirukii if you've any questions.

P.S. Don't forget to...
:bulletblue: Tweet and Tumblr using the tag #lesmisextended
:bulletwhite: Sign the petition
:bulletred: Like the FB page
:bulletblue: Follow the Tumblr blog
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Here's mine! I posted it on the petition deviation too, but just in case: [link]