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The fanart I'm submitting turns more obscure by the day.

Yesterday, I and three friends went to see a children's musical about a tail-less cat (Pekka Töpöhäntä / Pelle Svanslös for all you Finns and Swedes in the audience). We went there because the show features an actor we all really like as the lead. And while I can't speak for the others, I at least had a great time, not just because of the fav actor but because of everything. It's a true feelgood show, with a fun look and catchy songs. Glad I went!

Here's a speedpaint-y portrait of one of the characters. She was a bit of a snob and kind of nasty, actually – first, she dated the tail-less hero and told him he's the most handsome cat in town, but the next minute she coldly ditched him for another (probably better endowed in the tail department) guy. I wanted to draw her, though, since she's so cute. I guess I'm not much better than her, then – choosing the subject of my painting solely because of looks! ;D As always, looking for that perfect balance of realistic and cartoonish here. Hopefully one step closer...

Stock used: kecky's magical brushes by Kecky, Stocks - Scanned Floral Paper by So-ghislaine
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Looks like a pretty fun musical!
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Yep, it indeed was! Sometimes the kids get the best stuff. :D