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Pajama Party - Sleepy Time



What happened before? See at , & !

I'm really happy to be able to continue this series with a marker-coloured pic. I'd have used them earlier if I hadn't felt my collection lacked too many colours back then.

From left to right:
Glinda and Christine telling secrets. I've no idea what Christine is saying. Maybe something wild about one of her suitors, since Glinda's all red with excitement?
Sweeney Todd and Erik sleeping, their favourite killing equipment next to them. If you can read music, there should be a real tune on Erik's blanket. Hope it's understandable, I don't read music myself...
Angel and Javert. Obviously Javert was already asleep when Angel snuggled next to him. I don't know what motivates her - a crush or a practical joke?
Raoul and all his favourite plushies. Even the bravest fair-maiden-rescuers have their soft spot!
Enjolras and Elphaba, finally passed out from all that wine of friendship.

Wicked, The Phantom of the Opera, Sweeney Todd, RENT and Les Misérables don't belong to me.
Thanks to *Ananaskeksi for borrowing the notes.

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