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Pajama Party - Makeovers Time



Glinda has invited some of her best musical friends to a sleepover! Let's see what's happening...

On the left there's Christine enjoying some guitar tunes by Roger. I guess she has a thing for musicians... (I admit borrowing the idea from fabala-the-artist's Happy Broadway Day, thanks!)
On the left, sitting on the bed and fixing Glinda's hair, is Angel dressed in my favourite pyjamas. Next to her, Glinda and Raoul are getting to know each other while making Javert pretty.
Javert seems annoyed for two reasons: he is forced to be made pretty (as Angel put it, "Monsieur l'inspecteur honey, you let my friend Glinda do whatever she wants with your hair or you wake up tomorrow with no sideburns. It's up to you...") and he is also forced to listen to Enjolras' drunken ranting.
As you can see, on the right there are Elphaba (already made pretty by the team Glinda & Raoul) and Enjolras sharing their ideals and some wine of friendship. Though, at this point of the evening their conversation is pretty much reduced to pointing at Javert and declaring "it's because of people like him that everyone is so mis- miserebl- misuh- feels so bad around here!" and "You hey, hear what Enj-uhr-ass, my bestest friend in the whole world, has to say? He's totally rright! And I think you work for the Wizarrrd!"

What happens next? See at Pajama Party - Ghost Stories by Starlene, Pajama Party - Sleepy Time by Starlene & Pajama Party - Breakfast Time by Starlene!

The Phantom of the Opera, RENT, Wicked and Les Misérables don't belong to me.
This pic is dedicated to everybody feeling depressed, oppressed or otherwise annoyed about school!
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