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Pajama Party - Ghost Stories



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It's now ghost stories time in Glinda's pajama party!

On the left on the bed, there's Glinda, who's still in makeover mood. Next to her, it's Erik telling a ghost story. He's so enchanted by the tale of The Theatre Ghost who is misunderstood and miserably in love that he doesn't notice what Glinda is doing with the wig she borrowed from Angel.
On the left on the floor Christine is laughing at Erik and ignoring Raoul who, jealous of Roger's (who's gone to have a snack) guitar playing skills, is trying to learn how to impress his fiancée with music.
Next to Erik there's Angel, who has figured out it's fun to tease Javert and is now pretending to be oh-so-scared of Erik's story and in need of protection from a strong man. Apparently Javert isn't used to such advances from ladies (who else thinks he'd freak out if he got to meet his fangirls?)...
Next to them there are Elphaba and Enjolras, happily drunk and singing the songs of angry men, accompanied by Sweeney Todd - Glinda forced him to come, but he really, really doesn't want to be there and is trying to drown his sorrow in the winebottle.

PoTO, Wicked, RENT, Les Mis and Sweeney Todd don't belong to me.
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*Aggressively ships Javert+Angel because it's just hilarious* :D