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LesMisExtended Visual Petition

Please note!
The deadline is over, submissions are closed. The petition has been printed and sent to Tom Hooper. A thousand thank yous to everyone who took part – just look at them go, our collaboration looks amazing!

What is this?
A visual petition. Director Tom Hooper has, in an interview, said that he will release an extended cut of the Les Misérables movie if the fans are interested. Each character in the picture represents one person who wants to see the extended edition. Please zoom in or download to see the full-size lineup!

Participants from left to right
1. *Uirukii, 2. ~NinjaMiki X, 3. hungriestpufferfish, 4. ~hun-tun X, 5. *Starlene, 6. Jillian Fleck X, 7. *deduce-me X, 8. ~Spazzbert X, 9. ~pencils-and-violins X, 10. ~wickedphoenix93 X, 11. ~Nyranor X, 12. ~pinoqino X, 13. handatthelevelofyoureye, 14. ~Meowkin, 15. ~Ukualoulou X, 16. ~Nemaides214, 17. ~Aaceofhearts X, 18. ~simply-irenic X, 19. ~AxmxZ X, 20. =LuxCompagno X, 21. ~BarbedXSkullXCap, 22. Georgia V, 23. sososopranoboy X, 24. ~Panda-With-Oar X, 25. *tanafeyroyale X, 26 pen-in-hand-mb X, 27. ~Queenera X, 28. sleepysuya X, 29. *DarthFar X, 30. ~Voikkuinen X, 31. la-varsovienne X, 32. *AsheRhyder X, 33. jedees, 34. ~ensignbeedrill X, 35. *manalfairymage X, 36. *ThreshTheSky X, 37. rolypolydandy, 38. sherllllock X, 39. ~Bandling45 X, 40. bleedinglayabout X, 41. nevertrustasombrero X, 42. ~triinamariia X, 43. *Braang X, 44. *AlatusAquae X, 45. jayisstillblue, 46. ~nekoneko98 X, 47. ~SherlockTun x, 48. ~Opera-Angel-Studios X, 49. alicewatchesmovies X, 50. sofastudios42 X, 51. itsnotaboutthefrenchrevolution, 52. philosophyoftherevolution, 53. ~YouMustThinkMeMad X, 54. *caroll-in X, 55. ~elphabaevitaeponine X, 56. ~blackparademajorette X, 57. revanskia X, 58. Matheus Marchetti, 59. ~EpiphanyBlue X, 60. revolutionn12 X, 61. ~Delishen X, 62. ~cartoonydoodles X, 63. ~Elmarien X, 64. ~SirSubaru X, 65. *Clockwork-Nightmare X, 66. nikoleto X, 67. ~T-HKL X, 68. ~EldaGrimm X, ~CuteNerdyBean23 X, 70. ~Superhobbit X, 71. ~ColonelDespard X 72. ~Pipin411 X, 73. *mizuk0, 74. *schwathing, 75. sung-me, 76. solitaryhill, 77. ~Pianofairies X, 78. ~JordanValjordan X, 79. ~maxgirl11 X, 80. ~lexell-cassini X, 81. =elfdust X, 82. ~bunny-kat X, 83. ~MmeFeuilly X, 84. pilferingapples X, 85. ~Swildy, 86. ~Javertjumped, 87. all-hail-jeremy-brett, 88. ~AVthreads X, 89. ~RiderRiddle X, 90. ~legethien X, 91. ~sallysfriend88 X, 92. ~LayeredLikeAnOnion X, 93. ~Rochi-sama X, 94. ~Merrimiesh X, 95. ~Itwantstoeatme X, 96. kordialcherries X, 97. *xxIgnisxx X, 98. *Mimoly X, 99. ~PiippaB X, 100. ~CaeliaDiMekio X, 101. ~lainarosestanek, 102. ~Saberquill, 103. vlajean X, 104. ~spicehobbit X, 105. pondicusrex X, 106. ~Manang10 X, 107. ~revoLiruY X, 108. ~FlammableWolf X, 109. ~Enjorlas1832 X, 110. mossdjur, 111. ~purple-coffee X, 112. ~Katesmile X, 113. craving-for-you x, 114. ~BioVanilla X, 115. ~Sarenea X, 116. grlnamedlucifer, 117. ~Kaz205, 118. ~ieropumpkin X, 119. =nitefise, 120. ~Moundfreek X, 121. *Lady-Echo, 122. ~alasse-irena, 123. *oofuchibioo, 124. ~MusicalLover24601 X, 125. ~MichtaJay X, 126. ~rachel637 X, 127. ~quiteproustian X, 128. ~Lafire X, 129. dishearteningmediocrity X, 130. ~BlueFiyah, 131. Vejiicakes, 132. ~evlexa X, 133. =SarlyneART X, 134. ~Zippy1 X, 135. ~Angel-Of-Arumdin X, 136. ~madgirlwithabook, 137. anonymous, 138. ~revala X, 139. seriousroomforimprovement X, 140. elyanora, 141. ~Gymont X, 142. bakerstreetbarricades, 143. ~ozamham

Don't hesitate to comment and share! (Also, sign the traditional petition.)
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LuneandBarbecue's avatar
I feel oddly nostalgic, while looking at this.
crowanimation's avatar
Love it! It is like "Animator's Survival Kit" by Richard Williams!…
3dLux's avatar
This never gets old :love: :squee:
Starlene's avatar
I agree! I still sometimes look at this and just feel so happy about it - even though there's still no news about the extended cut being released, I'm still glad we made this. It just looks so nice with all the characters and different styles and speaks volumes about the fandom!
3dLux's avatar
Yes it does and that alone makes it worth it :D

Of course a Les Miz extended cut would be much appreciated :rofl:
rentoh's avatar
Dang, what a pity I'm several months late. Looking Forward to the Extended Version. Who could say no to that?
Starlene's avatar
Can't but hope the extended version will be released one day! Maybe it'd make a great celebration for some special Les Mis anniversary date, like the musical's 30th birthday or something...
rentoh's avatar
But that would be still such a Long time to go ahhh! Darn. Tom Hooper will see that there's a desperate Need for it :)
Starlene's avatar
Yeah... I just wish it doesn't get buried in some archive forever but that they'll realise people want it and will release it one day!!
rentoh's avatar

If the fandom is passionate enough it won't - or maybe it's just me wishing everything will be fine in the end....

We can only hope. Tom Hooper hasn't said anything until now, has he?

Starlene's avatar
I don't think he's commented on the issue ever since the one interview that started this all...
rentoh's avatar
Damn and that also was quite some time ago. I also read about a couple of actors really looking Forward towards the Extended Version. I guess it even was Aaron Tveit and if I'm not mistaken George Blagden. Does this make it less vague? I hope so
Starlene's avatar
I remember at least George Blagden tweeting about LesMisExtended, and I'm sure many of them have mentioned the deleted scenes they were in... Aaarrgh! Why couldn't they release at least a couple of the deleted bits on the DVD?? :(
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3dLux's avatar
Proud to have been a part of this and glad I got it done before I took ill :love:

You go, gurl! :wave:
Starlene's avatar
Glad that you were able to take part, too! But no – go team!! :la:
priincezzz's avatar
Oh! This is really awesome!! (and I just secretly love that there are a lot of Grantaires over there and they cutted several IMPORTANT things from Grantaire in the film TAKE THAT TOM HOOPER).

It would've been amazing to be part of it, but I'll sign the traditional petition nonetheless :)
Bandling45's avatar
This looks great! I hope we convince him!
Starlene's avatar
MusicalLover24601's avatar
Thanks for using my Doll!!!!! I hope this works!
Starlene's avatar
No, thank you for participating! And me too!!
Dasha-KO's avatar
Oh my gosh! Fantastic, epic flashmob!
Starlene's avatar
Yep! So proud of this project and everybody who took part!
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