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I'm doing a five requests for my Tumblr followers (worry not - when I get these done, I'll try to have a similar requests giveaway here).
The first request was, quite simply, "Marius/Cosette/Éponine or any combination". I suppose everyone's favourite combination should be featured here...

Even after three years drawing them, my designs for Les Mis characters still keep changing. I haven't a clear mental image of anyone. When I draw stuff inspired by some production, I of course try to make them look a bit like the actors. But I feel it'd be cheating to draw the ÅST cast in every general Les Mis picture...
Anyway, about this one. The whole thing is inspired by this picture. While colouring, I tried to make Cosette a brunette, but it didn't look right. After ÅST I just can't see her like that anymore! Éponine is the only one free of any ÅST influence here - but who knows what she'll look like in the next drawing.
Hope the changing designs aren't too distracting.

Les Mis is not mine.
Stock used: Painted texture - 40 by ~LunaNYXstock, kecky's magical brushes by ~Kecky. The background texture is mine.
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marius's face in the last pic
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Yeah. I guess he's a bit confused - he feels he should be angry that neither of them seems to care about him anymore... But they're just so cute, can't stay mad at them! :giggle:
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:heart: the last one. It's a shame there isn't as much Eposette (Éponine/Cosette) fanart on DA :(
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It's an underappreciated pairing, yeah! I'd like to see more of them – both them being friends in some happy alternate universe, and romantic pics too! Hmm. Maybe I'll draw something with them one day again...
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Yatta :D well at least there's tumblr :w00t:
net-and-tinsel-gown's avatar
And this is what would happen if they had photo booths in the nineteenth century. :) Everyone looks so adorable!
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I love Marius' face in panel 4, hahaha.

And panel 3 is just so sweet - I love the idea that Eponine is alive and friends with Cosette.
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Thanks do much! :la:
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:love: Everything you do is so wonderful.
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:lol: These are funny!
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This is entirely too adorable!
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Haha, thanks! :aww:
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Haha, thanks! :D
pencils-and-violins's avatar
oh for-
this is simply too adorable
I love your Marius, he is just as sweet and dorky as he should be!
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Aww, thanks! :aww: Marius is fun to draw, for that reason exactly... :D
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Love eponine as a red head :-D
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