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2014 Summary

By Starlene
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I think it's always nice going through the past year in art... Though I'm afraid this year hasn't been one for any great developments or breakthroughs. I've been very busy with many other things, like school and travel and my theatre blog, so I haven't had much time or energy for big art projects. But maybe next year?

January: My first fountain pen drawing in years. I'm finally starting to enjoy the technique.
February: A little gift to an actor who played Enjolras in Finland. Not a very unique drawing, but it brings back nice Les Mis memories.
March: More musical memories, this time of Jesus Christ Superstar. It's fun trying to balance realistic style with clearly visible,
strong brushstrokes.
April: I don't usually use coloured lines in my lineart, but I tried that out here. It looks nice, I should do it more often.
May: Danish scenery. I should definitely paint sceneries more often than just once per year.
June: Some anatomical problems here, but I like the colours and the new brushes I first tried out with this picture.
July: I never thought this speedpaint of my favourite musical character looked quite right. But since it's the only thing I drew in July...
August: A Les Mis comic. Personally, I think it's a pretty funny one.
September: More Jesus Christ Superstar – or, this time, Judas. It's a simple drawing, but I think it looks good.
October: Some Halloween silliness, drawn with fountain pen.
November: A poster girl I painted for a student party some of my classmates threw. You could see her all over our school this December.
December: Some Christmas sweetness. Nothing particularily original here, but I think it's pretty cute.

Onwards to 2015!

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It's really awesome! I especially like september. He is so cute XD
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Thank you so much! :aww: I'm quite happy with the September drawing too... But I have to say, the drawing's cute just because the actor who inspired me to draw it is pretty cute himself... You can see photos of him here: fyeahfinnishmusicaltheatre.tum… - I hope I did him justice in the drawing!
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Oh, I know! I saw him at the last time that your link. Yes, He is pretty cute and sexy! haha. But I think Your drawing's certainly pretty cute too! Your drawing style is really adorableHeart I like your work:)
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Oh yeah, now I remember posting the link there too, I had forgotten about that... Sorry about repeating myself! :P But thank you! :hug:
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I'd argue that you did have some good breakthroughs this year, especially with your paintings. You know I'll always like your "regular" drawings but your bridge and California girl were some of my favorites from this year. 

Happy New Year!
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Aw, thank you! :aww: I suppose I've gotten a bit better at digital painting, though I wouldn't really call it a breakthrough yet... In any case, it's something I want to practice more. I've plenty of nice Danish sceneries in my holiday photo folders, maybe some of them will inspire me to paint some more landscapes! :D

Happy new year to you too! :la:
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You're very welcome, and happy new year! :)
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Happy new year to you too! :aww:
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