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Android Pie Style Clock Rainmeter Skin.

A Digital Clock with Date and Weather Similar to Android Pie's Lock Screen clock widget.

Weather Icons -… (by Naman Rastogi)
Font - Google Sans

Update v69(27/04/2020)

       --> Changed Weather API to WeatherBit API go to this link sign up for an account get your API KEY 
             then load the skin right click on it and edit then go to [Variables] section of the code and paste the key in the APIKEY field ...
             other configuration instructions are given in that code section read it u can do it.

Update v3.0 (5/2/2020)
      --> Now you can change your weather unit to Celsius.(By default its Celsius if want to change the unit then instructions are provided in the code file).

Update v2.0 (26/1/2020)

-Updated the weather api (Huge thanks to joshuap ( for the help )
     -> GO TO VARIABLES PART OF THE CODE THERE YOU WILL SEE A CODE SNIPPET CALLED "apiKey=[paste here]" now you need to paste the api key which you will get from here create your account and get the key and paste it in the code and after you have done that search for the code snippet "LatLon"= 12313.123123  this your location coordinates open google map and get your location's coordinates and replace the default one with yours. 
      -> Now save the code and refresh the skin. DONE !

Update v1.3 (3/6/2019)

-The Date automatically gets translated according to the location of your Computer

Update v1.2

-Layout Changes
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Great Skin! Is there anyway to have it say "Friday, August 20" instead of "Fri, Aug 20"?

Is there anyway to change it from "Fri, July 23" to "Friday July 23"

weather api isnt working

How can I change the font on this?

Is there a way to remove the weather and temperature portion?

Found out, you just have to remove the "unitText" unit

can I make the clock to 12 hour rather than 24 hour format? I couldn't find anything when I was putting in the API key.

While editing the skin, change "Fortmat=%H:%M" (under "[MeasureTime]") to "Format=%I:%M"

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A very elegant widget. I have a question - how can I increase the interval between the clock and the date and weather? When I enlarge the font, the two elements start to overlap.

Same question, I want to make it a bit bigger but the weather starts to overlap.

I can't get the weather part to work, I pasted the API key and changed it to F but it still won't show the number or symbol. :(

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Simple Clock Rainmeter Digital Clock and Date Skin

I share the best Rainmeter Skins on my website. Can I publish this skin at my deviantart profile and ?

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I pasted in APIKEY but it didn't work :(

How do you improve the resolution of this skin?

What worked for me:

Go to Rainmeter install location (C:\Program Files\Rainmeter)

Right-click "Rainmeter.exe", click properties

Navigate to compatibility tab, change high DPI settings

Check high DPI override, accept and reload Rainmeter


You may have to do some resizing and re-positioning of elements within the ini file after to get everything how you want. Seems this ain't designed for high-res screens.

Hi, can anyone help me get rid of the decimal place on the temperature please everything else works fine. You can se the issue in the picture : ) (I only want it to show 33 without the decimal value) Thanks

Image 2021-03-17 142632

it's so satisficing

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