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Ramalama Bing Bang
Because it gives me that animation meme vibe-
To the left is normal Fluffs with her Halloween outfit. She's supposed to have twin fish-braids, hence the stray ribbon under her knees, but it got completely hidden by her body. Oops-. The one on the right was a Deltarune design for Fluffs, or Underworld!Fluffs. I tried to keep her color pallete smaller and simpler just for the challenge. I like it. The outfit is her actual outfit in Deltarune, and she's based on support magic that includes more defensive versus healing. Since her magic in Undertale is more of a time-stopper, her magic in Deltarune runs through 'stun chances' spells and so on, with one 20-35 HP restorative spell. She has three in total. One spell does turn into an offensive spell if she takes enough hits, and when TP is maxed out then she will use it automatically.
Honestly i'm pretty proud of this style, which is basically 'I tried to chibi but then detail lines sucked me in'. I may try this in the future. The style i use in my works always varies, or at least it usually does. So this might just end up being one, who knows.
Inspired by: Dark electric / low-toned versions of various music
Fluffs but anthro
Basically her reference sheet in terms of outfits.
Left to right: Undergarments plus what her hair looks like when it's not braided or straightened | Casual outfit plus all of her normal piercings | Old work outfit / good example of what she'd choose for a dance outfit | Sleep or cozy outfit

* Her most complicated outfit is her dancing outfit, so don't worry about her piercings if she's gonna be drawn in it. The most she's gonna wear are the two silver hoops. That or she's gonna have studs in that get hidden by her massive ears. If she doesn't wear them then she should have the piercings holes given those don't just disappear. Studs and the holes are only visible if you're looking into the sides of her ears or when her ears are flattened. The rims tend to cover up the holes. Example of no piercings are the white spots in her undergarments pose, (our) left ear.
* On that note, her piercings are preferred, but can be interchangeable! Any piercings that fit in the same spots that her hoops, feather earring, or industrial / bar piercing work just as well. She prefers gold, bronze, or silver colors. Nothing flashy, and especially nothing that doesn't match with her outfit colors. You can also change however many hoops are on her left ear so long as they are under or at all six. No more can be added, as they already strain her ear. You can remove the chain between her feather and industrial on her right ear, or simply replace those two with a clamp(?) earring. Her nose piercings are only the three shown, so that's the only concrete piercing of hers.
* Given Fluffs' past occupation she isn't afraid to show some fur. So anything with lace, dark colors, low-cut, short in general, or see-through are allowed so long as they don't show her 'private bits'. She tries to be modest, so she rarely leaves her jacket out of any skimpier outfits. No heels bigger than 4 inches. She's already 5'8'', and is a bit awkward about being past 6 feet. No NSFW of her unless I give a 'good-to-go'. That goes for me too, and I probably won't post NSFW until I lose all of my anxiety about doing so.
* She does have those bad days just like the rest of us. So, when she does, she'll drop the charismatic, confident buff lass act and wear cozy and more mix-matched clothing. Pajamas too. She prefers soft clothing as well as stuff like muscle tees and more masculine-labeled clothing. There's also a higher chance that she'll summon her cape for an easy-reach blanket.
* Double bonus points for space or ocean aesthetic. She gets mesmerized, flustered, and just downright squeaky with happiness in these kinds of clothing, hence her normal outfit having star badges as well as star+night sky coloring. Her boots are made to match her own light tan colors with a touch of starlight and clouds. Her jacket was from a special friend who knew of her deep-sea love. Flowy or baggy clothing is also a good bonus.
* I personally add little spots in clothing for tails. Hence why I have 'tail spot' parts for clothing that would normally flow past her tail. If you don't want to add her tail to the clothing look then I don't mind it! It's just a personal tick of mine.
*  She avoids any olden-style clothing, or renaissance based outfits. Anything old reminds her of her inability to remember her past, and ends up hurting her head. Anything that is unpurposely ripped or super simple are also avoided. Tight clothing are a no unless they're lingerie or something like it. Converse or none-toed shoes tend to be avoided as they typically get cut up. She has to wear special socks for her boots. She forgets constantly to keep her hind claws sheathed,, so they tend to pop out and slice through whatever's in their way. Even with having specialized magic socks she gets anxious about it.
* Her pattern is pretty simple and loose. The only solids are the spots on her shoulders, the strictly-brown stripes on her legs, and her ear rims. Other than that the stripes and even her tail are free for interpretation of your own style. So long as they're stripes and not changed into spots. She is tiger-based, and therefore I'd appreciate it if you kept the stripes on. <3

If there are any questions then I don't mind answering them. If I don't know you and you ask to draw her I may or may not respond. People that I've accepted as a friend or still consider a friend are more than welcome to draw her, just tag me or let me know when she's done / when you wish to draw her. I don't mind answering questions on how to draw her either if I know you are planning to. Please credit me for these outfit designs and Fluffs as a character. If you use a different outfit then please credit the respective person if they ask you to. In short; give credit where credit is due. Thank you. <3
I Miss the Thunder in California
Song inspiration: Valley Girls by Blackbear
Music artist inspiration: Blackbear, King Princess

fiNISHEd. Woot. It took me two weeks to get myself to finish it but i did. her right / yellow eye is wonky but screw it. i love this outfit and wanted to draw it. and i haven't drawn Joycee in forever s O.
Please do not confuse Joycee as my Undertale main. If you want to draw me in general, yes you can draw Joycee. ( just let me know. ) If you want to draw me for fandom purposes, please use Fluffs. <3
Ptth i haven't been working on any art for the past few days, hence why i seemed to forget about dA for a few days. Oops-. But nah, just lacked motivation. I'm hoping to get onto some kind of train today though in terms of getting stuff done. So as an apology, y'all get to ,, kind of,, stare at a Work In Progress. I love this, to say the least ??? I took quite a but, maybe one or two or so hours for ,,, four or so days to finish the lining. I don't tend to like my lining style much since i get really detailed about it and take forever to clean it all up. But apart from that I'm taking a bit for her coloring. She's supposed to be sitting on a railing, but i seem to have forgotten about that. Hah, oh well. I'll,, remember it sometime later.~
Song / Artist Inspiration: Valley Girls by Blackbear
This can be counted as a clean, soft lineart ( soft because it was made with a brush and not hard pixels ).
Please be considerate and credit if you reference from this or something like that. I do have a Tumblr, so I'll be posting it to there as well. <3
Fluffs but human
I was trying to see if i was comfy with drawing humans yet and this is a lazy yes. So have a Fluffs in her human form <3 She has the same body type as in her anthro form, albeit she's not as large as her natural self is. Human-sized but still semi-buff. Wears the same outfit too. I'll have to finish her outfit layout soon for others' to use for reference if they wanna draw her with my permission. <3
(Points are listed & will stay under $10 unless they need to be raised; Note me about other forms of payment. )

Price list:

* Sketch(s): Pen (Pixel) = 200 ($2)
Paintbrush (soft) = 300 ($3)

* Lineart: Sketchy = 400 ($4)
Clean / thick = 500 ($5)

* Tattoo: Clean: 600 ($6)
Small / Simple = 300 ($3)

* Color lining: Pen, sketchy, and small/simple lines = 250 ($2.50)
Paintbrush and clean = 350 ($3.50)

*Gore: Specified detail = 600 ($6)
Artists choice = 650 ($6.50)

* Logo/Badge: Specified = 400 ($4)
Artists choice = 450 ($4.50)
Thigh & up = 600 ($6)
Full body = 800 ($8)

* Realistic: Sketch = 500 ($5)
Lineart = 600 ($6)
Full detail + lineart = 700 ($7)
Detail + Lineart + Color = 900 ($9)

** Coloring = +100 digital color (+ $1)
+150 Shading / colored shading (+ $1.50)

* Sheets: Doodle sheets ( Containing both sketches and clean lineart ) = 400 ($4)
Reference sheets ( Whole w/ 1 fullbody, 2 chibi bodies, 1 headshot, 1 info box, hint words, 1 likes/dislikes table, & 1 full outfit if anthro, all colored ) = 600 ($6)
Reference sheets ( Half w/ 1 fullbody of only feral or anthro, if both it will be hinted at in the info box, hint words, 1 clean sketch doodle w/o color, rest will have color ) = 300 ($3)
** If the reference sheets are requested to not have color, the pricing will lower by a dollar.

* Painted style: Lineless = 550 ($5.50)
lined = 650 ($6.50)
detailed lineless / lines = 750 ($7.50)

* Customs: Designs = 350+ ($3.50 - the more complex the higher the price)
Linearts for adoptables = 150 ( 3 per row; +50 per extra slot ) ($1.50 + 50c per extra slot)
Special egg adoptables = 500 ( Requester choice of color palette, species, amount of eggs, and first pick w/ added headshot of their chosen 'egg' ) ($5)

** Extras: ( per ) additional character = +100 ($1)
Simple backgrounds = +200 ($2)
Simple landscape backgrounds = +200 ($2)
Detailed backgrounds = +300 ($3)
Detailed landscape backgrounds = +400 ($4)
Song lyrics / poetry = +50 ( Will only add in poetry that is shown to be approved for free usage by the writer ) (50c)
Headshots = Starting price of requested style
Chest & up = Starting price + 100 (+$1)
Thigh & up = Starting price + 200 (+$2)
Full body = Starting price + 300 (+$3)

** Holiday extras: Costumes = +100 ($1)
Specific holiday theme = +100 ($1)
( All void on actual holiday- example; Halloween themes are free in October )

** Other events: Birthdays = +100 ($1)
Anniversaries = +100 ($1)
Gifts = +100 ($1)

** More: Anything not specified in this list will be discussed individually

Heads up! / Rules & Notices!

1. Please Note / DM / PM / IM me your request. Commenting is okay if you have any questions. If you know me on Discord you can DM me there as well.

2. I'd love for you to give me some form of y'r characters reference within the request, as well as reminding me of what points / money charge accompany the type of art you want. It would be a big help to give me all the details right with asking me to do so. Less clutter and what not. don't forget any bios or personality & items they'd be associated with too.

3. I can work with human characters, but they may take longer for me to do. Humanoids are the easiest for me to start off working on, so those aren't as bad.

4. The requests that would take the longest are most likely clean full bodies, detailed landscape backgrounds, customs, and painted styles.

5. Don't be shy in sending me photos that show what you specifically want, examples being color palettes, photos of realistic / photographed animals, aesthetic / mood boards, and outfits.

6. Sometimes I will end up adding a bit more detail than I normally would ( fur / scale shading ) so be sure to tell me if you specifically want no shading or are okay with it.

7. I'm keeping the prices under $10 since that was my goal when making the original sheet. I will only allow a price lift if the requester wishes to pay more than listed.

8. Art trades can work if I'm confident enough about it.

9. If I'm missing anything, please question me about it! I will send progress shots unless the requester asks for it to be kept a surprise.

10. I may be slow due to personal hangups or artistic hibernation. The fastest commission types to be finished will be B&W works.

11. I sometimes stream on Picarto.TV. so if you'd like to watch me work I will gladly stream what it is that I'm working on.

12. I'll end up tagging people in the Commissions space below, so just be warned.

13. For now, I will ask for payment after I've finished the work requested, given I tend to take forever. If you'd rather pay before, I'll be alright with that. If this goes wrong for whatever reason, the worst will be that I will request payment before I start.

14. The prices have been made based on how quickly I could finish them, and what the quality could look like.

15. Shading will be most frequently present in fur or scale details, as well as in any major spots where it is required.

16. Artists' choice options are +50 (50c) to encourage self-made choices! ( I'm not very good at deciding things when it comes to others' characters, oops. )

17. 100 dA points = $1.00 and 50 dA points = 50c.

18. I will accept deviantART points, but I do have a pay-pal, so that will be sent to receive payment if it is with USD money. ( USD = United States Dollars )

Yes versus No

1. I can try to draw mechanical characters, but I'm not confident in drawing Transformers or large characters like that. Simple mechanics works.

2. I gotta know that you're 18+ before I accept any NSFW requests from you. I'm not getting in trouble for teenagers lmao. This includes anything suggestive. If you are under 16 years old I will not draw characters in skimpy clothing or suggestive poses. Sexual suggestive is for people over 18 years old only. The 16+ rule applies to gore or graphic depictions in general. Thanks.

3. I can experiment with creatures, but humans are iffy. If i don't feel like i can draw your sona then i will decline you. I don't wanna feel like i ruined your character. Y'all deserve the best.

4. I'm not going to draw certain NSFW-related things, or heavily-NSFW situations i.e. birth. I will only say which ones I don't feel comfortable doing in dms or Notes.

5. Yes to ferals, humanoids, humans, and simplistic mechanical characters. No to extreme NSFW or heavily-complicated characters. Yes to in-stream commissions and being asked to stream a request. No to being pushed into something. Yes to traditional for close friends, as I have some anxieties in that respect. No to shipping unless I've shipped / gotten something from you before.

6. I can work on traditional commissions, but I do not have a scanner, so the picture of the drawing will be taken by phone. Do not try to push me to send something to you if I tell you no.

7. Yes to timelines that are a week or more. No to short deadlines. Yes to collaborations, though I do have the right to say no if I don't feel comfortable with that. Personal reasons keep me from being on-point, as well as the fact that I give myself personal work as to keep me going.

Any questions? Feel free to ask me in dms or in Notes! You can Note me for my Discord if you'd like to talk on there, or even just be my friend. Friends are nice. <3

~!Personal notes!~ 

Commissions ( 4 / 5 Open )

1. A_Petty_Wonder - colored sketch - $4 - Progress: Lining

2. Open

3. Open

4. Open

5. Open



Thank you for reading and considering this. Have a good day / night / evening / sweet dreams! <3


Starleaper's Profile Picture
Joycee Michaelson
United States
Heya! You can call me Mon or Joy, I don't mind. Some may call me Star which is perfectly okay with me. I'm super stuck in Undertale, but I might go out of that range if I get inspired enough to do so. I've moved on from my old dA account (RecklessHyenaDragon), so don't go and accuse me of stealing my own characters. It'd be comical, but also a mess that I don't care for. <3


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