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It's the BIG Annual January SUPER SALE!!!! 
Steal 30% off until Sunday night at 11:59pm when you use the coupon code: JANUARY 
But hurry- the best keys always vanish the fastest!!! 😱 -Wolf And Dragon Key To My Heart Necklace Set By Ar by ArtByStarlaMoore

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It's your LAST DAY to place an order in time for the Holidays! Nee-to Secret Santa Gift 
Order through December 4th to receive your order by the 25th; Gift wrapping included free. Misc Emoji-03 (Sparkling Gift) [V1]
On December 5th, my family will be packing up and moving across the country- so unfortunately I absolutely can NOT accept any Holiday orders after the 4th, as we will be driving all through the Holiday season. And orders placed after the 4th will ship at the end of December once we have reached our new home. <3 Thank you for your understanding! I'm very excited to bring you lots of new designs once we reach Ohio! 
Starla and the Moore family :bademoticon: 
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Holy cow! What a NIGHT! COW 
I just spent 5 hours double-checking stock and preparing for the massive Black Friday sale. :bademoticon: 
Want to take advantage? Now is the time to do so because wouldn't you know that items are already selling out! 
Snag this once-a-year savings for the next 24 hours!

FIRST public sale post by ArtByStarlaMoore
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I'm going to put it in a box and move it across the country! :randomlaugh: 
So here's the update. 

I currently have 30 boxes packed for my family's upcoming move from California to Ohio. 
For those who are just joining me: My husband is in the military, his enlistment ends on January, so we are moving back home to Ohio on December 12th to be with family. All caught up. HappyDance 

Between packing, prepping for Black Friday and keeping my sanity, I'm slowly loosing my noodles. But thankfully, I've been preparing for this whole move/holiday rush for months now. 
So for the most part, everything is running much more smoothly that I could have hoped. *knock on wood* 

To better represent my current situation, here is a selfie I took for you all. 
Feel free to use that as a lovely desktop wallpaper- or print it and hang it on your wall. :officechair: 
Haha, Kidding!

15085550 1155713911144133 893528245813822351 N by ArtByStarlaMoore

:bademoticon:  As for the Black Friday deets (I know you're dying to know what's going on):
Key Club members will be receiving an email on Thanksgiving night which will contain literally the biggest sale I've ever held. So big in fact, that my business coach (Renae Christine) thought I was absolutely crazy for even offering it. Last year when I did a similar event- I sold OUT. Of almost everything. 
So to counter this uproar-
I'm currently allowing only 100 reservations into my Key Club before Black Friday (totally free to join).
If you'd like to get in on this epic sale, there's still time to join. But I definitely wouldn't wait- because VIP slots are filling fast. 
Here's your link to join:
Upon signing up you'll also receive an automatic bonus coupon for 30% off, which can be saved for later if you'd prefer to wait for the big Black Friday sha-bang. 

So why on earth am I only allowing 100 people to take advantage of this awesome sale? 
#1: Time. Clock  I have to get the whole house packed by December 8th when the movers arrive, and am only accepting shop orders until the 4th. So along with packing the house, I also have to pack all of the orders. I want only my die-hard fans (that means you) to receive this amazing deal.
#2: Cost. :allmymoney:  Sales this massive are expensive to host. But the Holidays have always meant so much to me. I remember being a tiny little girl and making plastic beaded bracelets for all of my friends and family for the Holidays. Giving just feels right. And I want to give you an awesome reason to give, by giving you a steep discount to help you in finding the perfect gifts for your own "special someones". Or for yourself! I don't judge! Santa La  

I can't wait to see you all on Turkey Day! As always, feel free to let me know if you have any questions or concerns. 
I may be busy, but I'm always here to help if you need me! 
Lots of Love, 
Starla Moore :bademoticon: 

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Getting all ready for my family's move across the country AND for the holidays! What a crazy month! I can only accept orders in my Etsy shop until December 4th, so I thought I'd offer that quick heads-up in case anyone planned to shop with me this holiday. 
You can find my keys at-

And if you'd like 30% off on that purchase, you can claim a VIP coupon here:

On December 8th, the moving trucks will arrive- and on the 12th, I'll be heading from California (where I've spent the last 6 years) and back to my home-town in Ohio! It's been a crazy adventure with even more fun to come and I can't wait to continue making more awesome keys throughout 2017! 14713670 1124520754263449 6791011521493024118 N by ArtByStarlaMoore
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