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GTA Online Quick MACROS - For AutoHotkey



Have you ever thought, isn't there an easier way?

Now there is a thing that makes the life easier for us GTAO gamers.

It can be tedious to navigate through all the different menus over and over.

Well this script does all the heavy lifting for you!

With one button press you can navigate the menus like a boss without even breaking a sweat!

Youtube Tutorial

Key stroke names for AutoHotkey

Perixx Numeric Keypad on

And i would suggest to get some custom stickers made from a professional vendor from the included icons in the download.

I measured my keys to be 1,5 cm (0.59 Inches) And decided the stickers should be 1,3 cm (0.51 Inches).

I contacted a Danish vendor , because i live in Denmark, via email : (

It cost me about 45 dollars US, so it's not exactly cheap but definitely worth it.

It almost looks store bought now.

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