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FadeBar 1.0 For Rainmeter by StArL0rd84 FadeBar 1.0 For Rainmeter by StArL0rd84
Makes your Taskbar 100% transparent and adds a black fading affect behind it.
This skin is meant to be used together with an auto-hiding taskbar,
so it is invisible until you move your mouse down to the bottom of the screen.

You can adjust a couple of things with the settings skin.

-Transparency (of Fade effect)

Ultrawide Wallpaper Pack #1

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Alphonse97 Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2017
Thank you for this.
looks awesome! can't wait to try it.
ruiheroi Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2017
I tried to put it visible in all tabs but the taskbar just would go to the background and become covered by the 'fade'. I then enabled click throw option but only for a sec the taskbar truly comes to the front of the black filter. is there any way to fix it?
StArL0rd84 Featured By Owner Edited Jun 16, 2017
Made it so it would go to absolute bottom layer on the desktop when it loads, or on a mouseover.
If you want to change this you need to edit the config file.
inside the config, look for [!ZPos -2] and change it to one of these numbers (-2|-1|0|1|2) depending on what layer you want the skin to be on.
And what do you mean by 'visible in all tabs'?
ruiheroi Featured By Owner Edited Jul 17, 2017
Its not going to the bottom layer for me: 
Since i have my taskbar transparent its difficult to see in (for example) white web pages so i wanted the widget to show in front of every app i have opened. For this i tryed [!ZPos -2] and the option 'keep visible' ticked. It didnt worked tho. Any way to make this work?

Theres a bug as well in this skin: whenever i refresh the widgets in the rainmeter app it opens this folder C:\Users\"user".

Sorry for the delay :/
StArL0rd84 Featured By Owner Edited Jul 19, 2017
Try this:
MouseOverAction=[!ZPos 2][!ClickThrough 1]
MouseLeaveAction=[!ZPos -2]
OnRefreshAction=[!ZPos 2] ***Long-Line-Of-Code-Here-Dont-Touch***

It moves the fade in front of apps, but it'll move it in front of the icons too :/

And I don't know what to tell you about it opening C:\Users\"user".
Cannot reproduce the bug, and have not recieved any reports from other users about it. 
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June 8, 2017
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