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Belgian Shepherd by Starkku Belgian Shepherd by Starkku

In our series "Eeva does something quick & simple but actually it ends up being something more detailed". Oh dear. My friend was laughing at me, when I told what were the original plans and what has happened to them. She already knew that would happen... :'D

Anyway, this is a Belgian Shepherd Groenendael. Love the breed! :heart: We used to have a dog which was Belgian Shepherd, though it was almost ten years ago. I ended up thingking back our last dog when I was watching Pasila (äläkää jookosta suomalaiset naurako, inspistä voi saada pöljemmistäkin asioista!) because there was a dog that had the same name as our dog. At the same moment an idea popped into my mind: draw a Belgian Shepherd! I have drawn one some years ago, link. Looking back that attempt is quite funny; maybe I've improved a little. :')

The tools with drawing weren't anything fancy; only a blue ballpoint pen. And that poor one was very old, at least ten years, but still working! XD

Tools: blue ballpoint pen
DamarisFleur Featured By Owner May 3, 2017
I won't believe that you created that with only a blue ballpoint pen. I can't even draw like that with copic markers! You've improved a lot in 10 years (I can't draw for my life) and the way you staged the Belgian Shepherd is impressive. Again, I won't believe that all you used was a blue ballpoint pen Facepalm OMG Clap 
Starkku Featured By Owner May 7, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you! ^^
Believe me, this is created with a ballpoint pen. Nothing more special! The pen was a very basic one, you can find similiar to it from every office. : D And the pen was the old one, I have had it for ten years. At least. The previous Belgian Shepherd dog drawing was from 2013. :)
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