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    I want my artwork to reach as many desktops as possible while earning a small amount of money from it. Currently its about 10-15$ / month. That's perfectly fine, I just want it to supplement my income. However, I don't like paywalls!! I know this because they piss me off when it comes to getting the content I want.

So I want to ask you this: Are you happy with the current way I sell my work or would you rather have the choice to download it free of charge with the option to donate what you feel it is worth?

Stormy Atmosphere of Merphlyn, Fields of Utopia, and Mustafarian Sunrise.

Going to have less time to work on projects as I work toward a new vehicle... my tired Saturn is about to croak. Considering a Hyundai Tiburon/Scion TC/Toyota Celica as a replacement.
Thank you all for the comments, critiques, and criticisms over the past few years here. Its been a fun journey and its only going to get better! I have some exciting ideas but they will take time to develop, just as it has taken me quite a long time to get this far artistically (started at 14 years old, 24 now). I look forward to the road ahead and to having you along for the ride. Cheers!

To feel in a moment's time an infinite loneliness
Is to unravel the paradox of rare insignificance
of a universe unmoved by human tears
pouring forth from a world of death haunted by fear.
To grasp infinity one must understand nothing and everything.……
Lately I googled my DA username and was pleasantly surprised to see some of my work on other wallpaper sites, Flickr, a Star Wars fan wiki, and other sites. Have you ever found your material getting circulated? Its an awesome feeling to know your work is worth something to someone somewhere :).
I've always been of a mind to paint intricate detail into my work. However, even my quad core machine is painfully slow when painting in Photoshop. Filters, when leveraged properly and tweaked to get rid of that "digital effect" can be incredibly powerful, and springboard your work ahead in massive jumps. A little fine tuning and brushwork can then take your art the rest of the way. So, my answer is: Both. Why put yourself at a disadvantage by not making use of all the tools available to you?
Dust, Gas, Dirt, Grass
Comes from stars from afar
Back in time which at one time did not exist
Now pass the torch to us for the time we persist
Here on this pale blue dot
To make our mark, to stay or not.
Writing back-history and designing cultures from the ground up is fun. Its like creating your own world, perhaps only paper thin, but still real in its own way.
Deep space. Alien races. New cultures. Hot virtual characters. Sound good? Get the game Mass Effect. You won't be disappointed!