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Quick Update!

Journal Entry: Mon Nov 12, 2018, 5:37 PM
Hi everyone! 
You might have noticed I quieted down a lot over the last few weeks! I had a vacation for my seventh wedding anniversary at the end of October, and then when we got back my husband and I had to prepare to move! We've been hauling our things across town for the last week or so, and things have been very stressful, to say the least. We didn't enlist any help, so it's just been the two of us hauling all that heavy stuff up two flights of stairs (have you ever tried to move a washing machine??? WHAT EVEN). I am also still trying to keep my head above water at my part-time job, since things there haven't been easy for me physically or emotionally the last several months. So while this tl;dr whirlwind has been going on, my art was on hold, and I actually only just got my computer set up and connected to the internet. That said, I'm thinking out loud here of my plans once things settle down.

First of all, i'll be participating in the Advent Calendar over at Wildling-Unicorns again this year, so keep your eyes peeled for that! Second, I have a few commissions to tackle now that I'm able, and of course holiday season is upon us, so I'll be doing a lot of baking and crafting for gifts in the near future! Third, I just had an upgrade to fiber internet, so I'm hoping to maybe begin doing art streams again? I haven't been able to do them for a few years now since my connection at the old place was so spotty, so fingers crossed I can do this. I also hope to maybe kick the part-time job to the curb so I can make a bit more time for art again without digging into necessary adult things at home and elsewhere. I'll have to wait until our old home sells and things quiet down in December to know for sure when that will happen, but I know for sure I just can't stay there anymore. Other than that, I took today as a personal day to try and make some progress in Hollow Knight. I really love that game. It is challenging for sure, but the visuals and the music are so so good. I might replay through BotW on Master Mode or something while I wait for the ability to get Pokemon Let's Go Eevee, too. I'd love to play the Spyro Reignited trilogy, but I can't justify getting a PS4 or XBone right now since we only just got the Switch last year XD. I hope you all are enjoying that! I do have all three originals and my old PS2, so maybe I can just swing it old school for a while? 

I hope this finds you well, and thanks for sticking around! Also hello to all you newcomers! I see you in my message box! Take care!


Commissions Open!

Journal Entry: Wed Sep 19, 2018, 7:06 PM
Hi everyone!

As of October 12th, commissions will remain open, although there will be no deadlines. I will be preparing to sell my home and move across town into an apartment, and possibly change jobs. Needless to say I will be extremely busy, so I will only work on commissions on Saturdays. If you have any questions, feel free to message me. As always, I will update you when I begin work, and throughout the process if you have a larger commission. Wait times will not exceed three weeks. Also note that Wildling commissions will continue to receive my prior discount, while my prices have returned to normal.

Headshot Sketch: $10 
(Example shows line quality. These will NOT be colored.)
Wildling Sketch Dump by StarkindlerStudio

Flat color Chibi: $25 (Wildlings are $20)
(Full color only shown to give example of chibi wings)
Kythas Chibi by StarkindlerStudio  Human Ery Chibi by StarkindlerStudio

Flat color Headshot: $25 (Wildlings are $20)
Auratis by StarkindlerStudio

Flat color Full-Body: $50 (Wildlings are $40!)
Gunnar by StarkindlerStudio  DON'T GET CHEESY ON ME, CHEDDAR by StarkindlerStudio  Fury and Fire by StarkindlerStudio

All prices are USD, and these are Paypal only right now, sorry! I do not have a set amount of slots, however if I feel like I have a decent amount of work, I will temporarily close slots to clear the queue. While I highly prefer Wildlings right now, I will also draw Sushi-dogs and other CS, MLP, Steven Universe, D&D, or any other OCs you want to throw my way! My rules are that I will NOT draw NSFW, only one character per image, and I will not draw full-size wings! Those would incur a higher cost and will increase the difficulty and amount of time to complete. The ONLY exception is chibi wings. I will include those. Please send me a note with the subject "Commission" and be sure to include what type of commission you want, what character (including a link to drawn reference), and your paypal email address so that I can send you an invoice. Payment is required up front. Also, please remember, according to my ToS, that I reserve the right to decline a commission for any reason. Please don't take it personally, and please respect my decision. Thanks again for the support so far, it has been fun drawing everyone's characters! I might consider opening more commission types in the future. :)

Protokeros are a semi-open species by StarkindlerStudio

Originally conceptualized for a custom D&D campaign, they have been incorporated as an affiliate species with Wildling-Unicorns

Getting Started:

What do I mean by semi-open species? You are allowed to create your own Protokeros, but you must follow some guidelines!

1. You must be part of the group :iconprotokeros:

2.You must strictly adhere to the species guide!

3. You may only initially create up to TWO Protokeros. Any others can only be obtained through purchased/earned MYO slots through events, or customs and adopts made by StarkindlerStudio

4. You must submit your design/lore to the "Awaiting Approval" folder before attempting registration. StarkindlerStudio will need to approve your design/lore, at which point you will be assigned a number.

5. Once your design is approved, you must use one of the registration templates and submit your Protokeros to the "References and Registration" folder!

This is the only information available right now, but more is on the way! I am so excited for this, you have no idea!
An ongoing masterlist of Protokeros and their owners. Numbers 001-008 are among the very first Protokeros ever created, and will exist in the past according to current lore. Every Protokeros after 009 is second generation or younger.

001 Prometheus Starkindler StarkindlerStudio
002 Andromeda Shadoweave NoxxPlush
003 Chromius Hammerfel 
004 Eris Farstrider Rannarbananar
005 Demetrios Silvercloak RottingRoot
006 Airlea Featherfall 
007 Erxandros Swiftfoot 
008 Kallisto Snowhide AlchemillaVulgaris
009 Rigela Starkindler StarkindlerStudio
010 Arcturus Hammerfel StarkindlerStudio
011 Aramis Starkindler StarkindlerStudio
012 Amalthea Starkindler StarkindlerStudio
013 Aurora Starkindler StarkindlerStudio
014 Arcas Silverwind
015 Miriel Archer
016 Caelum Silverwind StarkindlerStudio
017 Jade Emberforge NauticalWheeler
018 Sama'el EternaNyx-Art 


Journal Entry: Thu Apr 6, 2017, 6:08 AM
I'll be away for a fun stay-cation downtown for the con. It is a much-needed vacation! I've been working overtime and rushing to get all my ducks in a row for the con, hence my continued silence (besides the whole being sick thing). Once this ends and I recoup, I'll be finishing some owed art for a very patient friend, and getting to work on some really neat lore stuff in the works in relation to Wildlings and my own little species (that I never really intended to make into an official thing but WHOOPS). Don't worry, it's not another of the closed species things, it's just a fun supplement to the Wildling lore, and a fun way for me to further incorporate my own characters into the setting. Stay tuned! I'll want to get others involved in this!

Wildling Tracker (Updated 09/30/18)

Journal Entry: Sun Mar 12, 2017, 5:03 PM
Feel free to make offers of friendship, enmity, or even romance! I am most active on the Wildling Discord server. :)

Edit, 1/28/18: I have made some banners for all the clans that are free for you all to use in your trackers and ref sheets! Just credit me for them, please! :) You can find them all here in my, and you can size them down as needed.

Aurora by StarkindlerStudio
:pearl bullet: Aurora Starkindler :pearl bullet: 
Nickname: Rory (only to her closest friends)
Titles (past and present): 
Exaultérus, Princess, Coronessa of Vesperia
Species: Wildling-Protokeros Hybrid
Wildling Heritage: Tarandus
Number: CS-H12
Canon Age: 207
Pronouns: she/her
Obtained: MYO/Design Conversion

:pearl bullet: Friends :pearl bullet:
Pandion, Garrick, Hawthorne, Viggo, Vidar, Merlinus, Sama'el, Morpha
Tentative: Thorin 

:pearl bullet: Family :pearl bullet:
 Mother: Amalthea Starkindler (Deceased)
Father: Brand Ferrer (Deceased)

:pearl bullet: Romantic Interest :pearl bullet:
Gannon (In Development!)

:pearl bullet: Acquaintances :pearl bullet:
Luzrov, Apotheosis

Vidar by StarkindlerStudio
 Bullet; Orange Vidar Bullet; Orange  
Nickname: N/A
Titles (past and present): Prince
Species: Wildling Unicorn
Wildling Heritage: Tarandus
Number: T7-1
Canon Age: 20
Pronouns: he/him
Obtained: MYO

 Bullet; Orange Friends Bullet; Orange  
Garrick, Hawthorne, Aurora, Merlinus

 Bullet; Orange Family Bullet; Orange  
Abelone - Mother
Eiger - Father
Brom - Eldest brother
Signe- Eldest Sister
Kamilla - Elder sister
Viggo - Twin brother
Knut - Youngest Brother

 Bullet; Orange Romantic Interest Bullet; Orange   
Morpha, a spunky and playful Nerensis mare. The two first meet when Vidar travels into Nerensis territory with his traveling group. She catches him on his own, out carousing with pretty girls. While she isn't exactly the small and demure mare he imagined, she is perfect for him in every way. They both share a love of adventure (and roughhousing), and they are both family-oriented. At first Vidar treats her more as a rival, but as time wears on, he sees her in an entirely new light.
  Bullet; Orange Acquaintences Bullet; Orange    

Gar by StarkindlerStudio
   Tangerine Bullet Garrick Tangerine Bullet
Nickname: Gar
Occupation: Gladiator/Adventurer
Species: Wildling Unicorn
Wildling Heritage: Melursus
Number: M56
Canon Age: 25
Pronouns: he/him
Obtained: Adopted from Rannarbananar

 Tangerine Bullet Friends Tangerine Bullet 
Hawthorne, Aurora, Vidar, Viggo, Manolo, Miha, Louie, Merlinus, Morpha
(wip, more soon)

 Tangerine Bullet Family Tangerine Bullet
and Meira (parents, deceased)
Mishal - Younger sister
Mina - Adoptive Mother

 Tangerine Bullet Romantic Interest Tangerine Bullet
None, yet! I am looking for a relationship for him, but it will take a very special mare to catch his attention.

 Tangerine Bullet Acquaintances Tangerine Bullet 

Hawthorne by StarkindlerStudio
 Bullet; Green Hawthorne Bullet; Green   
Nickname: Thorne
Occupation: Ranger, Adventurer
Species: Wildling Unicorn
Wildling Heritage: Nerensis
Number: N84
Canon Age: 33
Pronouns: he/him
Obtained: MYO

 Bullet; Green Friends Bullet; Green 
Garrick - Best Friend and Traveling Companion
Aurora - Friend, leader. (wip)
Vidar & Viggo - (wip)
Manolo - (wip)
Mishal - (wip)
Miha - (wip)
Louie - (wip)
(wip, more soon)

 Bullet; Green Family Bullet; Green   
No Data

 Bullet; Green Romantic Interest Bullet; Green 


Zaahir by StarkindlerStudio
 Bullet; Yellow Zaahir Bullet; Yellow 
Nickname: n/a
Occupation: Tavern Owner, Brewmaster 
Species: Wildling Unicorn
Wildling Heritage: Echinoden
Number: E16
Canon Age: 35
Pronouns: he/him
Obtained: Advent 2017 "Twinkling Lights" by NoxxPlush

 Bullet; Yellow Friends Bullet; Yellow
Alsha - One of Zaahir's employees at the tavern. Zaahir will often lend her a firefly lantern for her excursions into the ruins nearby.

 Bullet; Yellow  Family Bullet; Yellow  
No Data

 Bullet; Yellow  Romantic Interest Bullet; Yellow  
Faizah - The relationship started as strictly business, although things took an entirely different direction after a crisis in Zaahir's life...

Bullet; Yellow  Acquaintances Bullet; Yellow  

Aubrianna by StarkindlerStudio
 Bullet; Red Aubrianna Bullet; Red  
Nickname: Aubrey, Aub
Occupation: Fashion Designer 
Species: Wildling Unicorn
Wildling Heritage: Nerensis
Number: N97
Canon Age: TBD
Pronouns: she/her
Obtained: Advent 2017 "Champagne Flutes" by StarkindlerStudio

 Bullet; Red Friends Bullet; Red 
 Bullet; Red Family Bullet; Red 
Odette - Elder Sister

 Bullet; Red Romantic Interest Bullet; Red 
None, yet!

  Bullet; Red Acquaintances Bullet; Red 

Nadira by StarkindlerStudio
 Bullet; Purple Nadira Bullet; Purple  
Nickname: n/a
Occupation: Dancer (Combat), Guide
Species: Wildling Unicorn
Wildling Heritage: Echinoden
Number: E21
Canon Age: Uknown
Pronouns: she/her
Obtained: Advent 2017 "Star of Wonder" by Floofurr

 Bullet; Purple Friends Bullet; Purple 

 Bullet; Purple Family Bullet; Purple 

 Bullet; Purple Romantic Interest Bullet; Purple 
None, yet!

  Bullet; Purple Acquaintances Bullet; Purple

Taryn by StarkindlerStudio
 Yellow Bullet Taryn Yellow Bullet
Nickname: n/a
Occupation: Professional Athlete
Species: Wildling Unicorn
Wildling Heritage: Nerensis 
Number: N96
Canon Age: 37
Pronouns: she/her
Obtained: Advent 2017 "Microwaved Turkey" by Rannarbananar

 Yellow Bullet Friends Yellow Bullet
None, yet!

 Yellow Bullet Family Yellow Bullet 

Jokull - Honorary Tarandus Brother (elder)
Tauriel - Honorary Philoden Sister (elder)

 Yellow Bullet Romantic Interest Yellow Bullet 

None, Not interested

 Yellow Bullet Acquaintances Yellow Bullet  
Ishkur (rival)

Alaerya by StarkindlerStudio
 Dot Bullet (Pale Purple) - F2U! Alaerya Dot Bullet (Pale Purple) - F2U!
Nickname: n/a
Occupation: Witch, Herbalist
Species: Wildling Unicorn
Wildling Heritage: Philoden 
Number: P107
Canon Age: 30
Pronouns: she/her
Obtained: Custom from Rannarbananar

 Dot Bullet (Pale Purple) - F2U! Friends Dot Bullet (Pale Purple) - F2U!

 Dot Bullet (Pale Purple) - F2U! Family Dot Bullet (Pale Purple) - F2U!
None, yet!

 Dot Bullet (Pale Purple) - F2U! Romantic Interest Dot Bullet (Pale Purple) - F2U!
Possibly Gloria???

Dot Bullet (Pale Purple) - F2U! Acquaintances Dot Bullet (Pale Purple) - F2U!

Nerissa by StarkindlerStudio
 Bullet; Black Nerissa Bullet; Black 
Nickname: Raven
Occupation: Rogue/Theif
Species: Wildling Unicorn
Wildling Heritage: Nerensis 
Number: N44
Canon Age: 45
Pronouns: she/her
Obtained: Traded from Cherri-Crimzon

 Bullet; Black Friends Bullet; Black 
None, yet!

 Bullet; Black Family Bullet; Black 
None, yet!

 Bullet; Black Romantic Interest Bullet; Black 
None, yet!

 Bullet; Black Acquaintances Bullet; Black 

Zafira by StarkindlerStudio
 Bullet; Blue Zafira Bullet; Blue 
Nickname: N/A
Occupation: Alchemist, Adventurer, Researcher
Species: Wildling Unicorn
Wildling Heritage: Tarandus
Number: T98
Canon Age: 19
Pronouns: she/her
Obtained: Custom from Rannarbananar

 Bullet; Blue Friends Bullet; Blue 

 Bullet; Blue Family Bullet; Blue 
Runa - Mother (Deceased)
Haldor - Father (Deceased)

 Bullet; Blue Romantic Interest Bullet; Blue 
None, yet!

 Bullet; Blue Acquaintances Bullet; Blue 

Oberon by StarkindlerStudio
 Baby Blue Bullet Oberon Baby Blue Bullet  
Nickname: N/A
Title(s): Fairy King
Occupation: Ruler, Healer
Species: Wildling Unicorn
Wildling Heritage: Philoden
Number: P112
Canon Age: Undetermined
Obtained: Discord SWS 2018 Prompt MYO (Pokemon)

 Baby Blue Bullet Friends Baby Blue Bullet
 Baby Blue Bullet Family Baby Blue Bullet 

 Baby Blue Bullet Romantic Interest Baby Blue Bullet 
None, yet!

 Baby Blue Bullet Acquaintances Baby Blue Bullet 


Journal Entry: Tue Mar 7, 2017, 3:57 PM
Just hopping on to give a quick heads up. I have a full time job now, so I haven't had time to take on commissions, and that will probably continue to be sporadic. 

Also I am still on the road to improving chronic health issues, so do forgive me for silence, it means I am still sick. I did finally get to the bottom of one issue that has plagued me for years, so hopefully it isn't too late to treat/reverse. I am not dying or anything, so don't fret about that.

Anyway, that is the state of me! I hope to get back to art soon!

Happy New Year!

Journal Entry: Fri Dec 30, 2016, 6:32 PM
I just never seem to get any less busy!

This year I spent a lot of time preparing for big life events, like my Sister-in-Law's wedding in October. I also spent quite a bit of time on the road to health recovery; seeing as I'm sick almost all the time, I decided to do something about it. I've seen so many doctors this year, y'all. @~@

I am pleased that I was still able to work on art, though not as much as I should have, in terms of practicing technique. I really hope to get the chance to practice and challenge myself more next year! 

What are you looking forward to the most for the new year? What sorts of things do you hope to accomplish?


Journal Entry: Thu Sep 1, 2016, 6:33 AM
If any of you folks still read these things, lol, I'll be at Dragoncon for the weekend, I'll be back Tuesday!

Flash Sale, $5-$10 bust portraits! ENDS SUNDAY

Journal Entry: Wed Aug 24, 2016, 12:15 PM
Edit: This sale will end on Sunday, August 28th! I will be making preparations for Dragoncon after then!

Hi everyone!

I'm offering bust portraits like the one below for $10, and I will also do a sketch-only version (without color) for $5. Send me a note if you are interested, as of right now, there aren't any slot limits.

Bust Example by StarkindlerStudio

Work Resuming as normal this week!

Journal Entry: Tue Aug 9, 2016, 12:39 PM
Just an update that everything should be back to relative normal as of this week. Commission work is resuming and I hope to have some new art to upload for you soon. :) Thank you for your patience and understanding with last week's craziness. 

Sudden death in family

Journal Entry: Sun Jul 31, 2016, 5:50 PM
Will be sorta all over the place for at least the next few days while we try to make arrangements. I'm okay for the most part. It's just weird.

Brief internet outage!

Journal Entry: Fri Jun 10, 2016, 9:32 PM
I'm working on art things, but my internet is suffering some issues that I've not quite resolved yet. Hopefully I'll have that fixed no later than next week, so I apologize if answering messages is slow until then! :)

I am really in the mood to draw some pretty clothes, and I wanted to gauge interest in custom outfit designs for your characters! 

You will get to select a color palette and a general theme and fashion style. I then tailor the outfit to your character! (hehe, see what I did there?)
These will be mostly artistic freedom, and will be flat color, so the price will be fairly low and flat rate, but what I draw is what you get; no revisions. These prices include the cost of drawing your character in the outfit (at a heavy discount from what I normally charge). There are two tiers based on outfit complexity and style.

Arrow left $40 Tier Arrow right 

Bullet; Purple Formal Attire (Ballgowns/Suits/Tuxedos/Military Dress)
Bullet; Purple Magical Girl Attire
Bullet; Purple Adventuring Gear (Outfits for folks like Rangers, Paladins, Bards, Wizards, etc.)
Bullet; Purple Attire including lace or brocade (like gowns or lingerie)
Bullet; Purple Lolita Attire

Arrow left $15 Tier Arrow right 

Bullet; Blue Pokemon Trainer Outfit (pleaaaaaaaaaaaase this would be so fun!)
Bullet; Blue Casual Wear (the standard fare, tees, jeans, scarves, sundresses etc.)
Bullet; Blue Pajamas! (this includes kigus)
Bullet; Blue Hogwarts Uniforms
Bullet; Blue Swimwear

If you are interested, please fill out the following form and send it to me via note! :)

Paypal Email:
Character Reference: [Link to image]
Outfit Style: Magical Girl Attire
Color Palette: [either link to palette or list of 4-5 colors]
Notes: [little detail requests go here, like if you want a specific color for an amulet or if you want to be sure there are LOTS of ruffles, etc.]

Once we discuss the details of your commission and we are both clear on what should be done, I will send you payment information.

If you want some examples of what I can do, see below:

Rava Detail
Septimus Concept
Mahou Shoujo Unicorn!
Victoria Gijinka
Aurora Starkindler
Rava 2.0
Rava Alternate Outfit 1
Rava Performance Outfit 1
Rory Gown Design
Witch Pony
Simple Loungewear Example
I decided to part with some designs I bought over the years that I either don't use anymore or never got around to fleshing out. Some are for sale at their original price (or as close as I could remember) or higher if they have extra art or something of the sort. I will list below everything available, and just comment to claim which one you'd like to buy (paypal only right now, sorry). I'll send you a payment link as soon as I can. Once I send you that link, you have 24 hours to make the payment before the design is up for grabs again. I can't do holds, sorry.


:bulletpink:Frederick, MYO designed by me- $40 now owned by Roxling (includes his ref sheet and a bust portrait)


:bulletgreen:Spiced Cider, designed by Honeyking- $25 (includes ref sheet, unwatermarked original, and two extra portraits [x] [x]
:bulletgreen:Nebular Omminari, designed by me- $25 (includes minimal bust by Haventide)
:bulletgreen:Wild Orchid, designed by CigarsCigarettes- $50 (I am REALLY sad about this one. ;~; priced to include original, unwatermarked works by Cigars, and additional works [x] [x])
:bulletgreen:Rockabye, designed by CigarsCigarettes- $50 (priced to include unwatermarked originals, ref sheet, and additional portrait)
:bulletgreen:Azalea, designed by RottingRoot- $5 (design number 3 here)


:bulletgreen:Koi Mermaid, my design- $25
:bulletgreen:Rabbit Mage, my design- $20
:bulletgreen:Centauress, design by RottingRoot- $10
:bulletpink:Centaur, design by Phloxebutt- Now belongs to NoxxPlush (top left centaur in this image)
:bulletgreen:Pharaoh Robot, design by RottingRoot- $15 (you will get the unwatermarked original)
:bulletgreen:Unnamed Feline, design by Unstadoptables- $10 (the feline on the bottom here, you will get unwatermarked original)
:bulletgreen:Raz, original design by Romances- $25 (priced to include the ref sheet)
:bulletgreen:Empyreoteran, original species and design by RottingRoot- $20
:bulletgreen:Spirit Kirin, design by RottingRoot- $15
I'm opening for a few commission slots, for bust portraits, chibi portraits, and badges!

For an accurate quote, please send me a note titled 'Commission Inquiry', and let me know in detail what you'd like. I will then decide if I can take your commission, and then I will request payment via Paypal. If you have any questions, let me know!

Base Prices and my current queue are listed on Trello!

Update: The Sequel!

Journal Entry: Thu Feb 11, 2016, 7:54 AM
I'm back from FWA and I'm EXHAUSTED! I'll post some proper updates and get back to showing you all some art here in the next few days, once I recover. :)

I am still on all kinds of medications, but definitely on the road to healthiness! I hope. Probably. ANYWAY, I'm a bit quiet on the art front since I'm prepping for FWA in a few weeks, but I'll be back to uploading once my works are done! :) I'm excited to show off mah new stuff. 

Trinkitt Chibi Flash Sale!

Journal Entry: Wed Dec 16, 2015, 12:23 PM
I decided I am in the mood for some Trinkitts, so if you own one and are interested in a chibi like the one below, let me know! The cost is $18 per portrait, and I'd prefer to have only one Trinkitt per image, please. :)

Masq Chibi by StarkindlerStudio

No deadline or slot limit right now, but I will close if I feel like I'm at my limit. :)

Don't know what Trinkitts are? Check them out here: :icontrinkitts:

They are a closed species by :iconnoxxplush: and :iconmourgebeast:

Commission Stream Offline!

Journal Entry: Wed Dec 9, 2015, 10:35 AM
I'm offline for the night, thanks for coming!

I'm currently hosting a stream on my Picarto channel. I will only be offering commissions in this stream, and they will be completed before the stream ends. I am ONLY going to be doing simple flat color pony portraits, as I know I can finish these fairly quickly. Come join the stream HERE

Here is how this will work!

WAIT until I announce that the commissions are open in the stream chat. At that time, you may claim a spot. I don't have a set number of slots, but these will be drawn on a first come, first served basis. If there are a lot of you at once, I will make a list based on who comments first. I will try to get through everyone on that list in the same stream, but if I run out of time, I'll simply do another stream on in the next few days. Once I have confirmed you are on the list, you will need to fill out the following form and post it in the chat window or send it to me in a note here:

Username: XNedra22
Paypal email:
Pony Reference: (link to ref sheet)
Notes: You don't need to enter info here if you don't want to, but if you want to say that it's a birthday gift or holiday themed, this is the place to do it! You may leave the pose up to me, or you can make suggestions here. Please nothing super lewd or nsfw. I also do more than just super cute expressions. I can do sad, angry, or I could draw your pony sleeping! Any expression you can think of, I can do. I will not be drawing complex clothing, but I can do something small like a hair bow, scarf, or a Santa hat at no extra charge. If you are unsure of an accessory, simply ask and I'll let you know if I will draw it or not. :) 

Then, I will tell you the final cost of your commission request based on the complexity of your character. You may then send your payment via Paypal, and I will begin drawing! Once I finish a commission, I will move on to the next person on the list until I run out of commissions or out of time. You must pay before I start work on your commission, but please do not send payment until I confirm your price and that I will be able to finish your commission in the stream. 

Examples and Pricing:

Price range from $10 for earth ponies and unicorns, and $15 for pegasi and ponies with overly complicated markings or patterns. Pricing is per pony, and if you want to commission more than one pony, you may request that they be in the same image. These will not be shaded, but they will have a basic color splash background. Your final drawing will look similar to these:

Kythas Chibi by StarkindlerStudio  Madame Butterfly  by StarkindlerStudio  Omminari Design Commission by StarkindlerStudio Umi Pony by StarkindlerStudio Day Off by StarkindlerStudio  Wind in My Mane by StarkindlerStudio   Livestream Pony Dump 1 by StarkindlerStudio

During the stream I am also (hopefully) going to have my microphone on, so if you have any questions about my work or just want to chat, please do pop in! I'll have a steady stream of music going as well.

Also, if you do want a commission and don't know if you can make it on Wednesday afternoon, I will do streams like this again at different times and on different days of the week, too! :)