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Atomic Rabbit

My entry for HeroMachine's Character Design Contest #411.

Since it's Easter season, I decided to pick the cute, cartoony superhero known as the Atomic Rabbit (later "Atomic Bunny") and give him a gritty yet funny design and backstory that would make him feel at home with the likes of Howard the Duck or Rocket the Raccoon.

In my interpretation of the character, the Atomic Rabbit is an animal test subject who was fed Uranium-infused carrots by the US government during the 50's, as a way of testing the effects of nuclear radiation on food. When the carrots gave test subject AR-15 superpowers and human intelligence, they decided to give him an uniform so he could become a weapon against the commies. He, however, escaped, and now fights for his own freedom as the strange being known as Atomic Rabbit.
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