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Rhaegar and Lyanna by DalfaArt
Rhaegar and Lyanna by Luciferys
Valyrian Blood by l-livas-l
Rhaegar at Summerhall scanned by YvyB13
Lyanna x Rhaegar
Rhaegar x Lyanna Commission by chillyravenart
Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark by Silvaticus
The winter rose and the dragon prince by lilifane
The Wolf and the Dragon by smoustart
Lyanna Stark
Lyanna by JunePage
Red Riding Hood AU: Lyanna by naomimakesart
LYANNA STARK/Book edition by yagihikaru
Lyanna by Luciferys
Rhaegar Targaryen
Rhaegar Targaryen by naomimakesart
Favorites Countdown: Rhaegar Targaryen by naomimakesart
Red Riding Hood AU: Rhaegar by naomimakesart
The Prince and His Knight by naomimakesart
Jon x Dany - Bookverse
Maybe I Maybe You by solar-sea
Daenerys and Jon/Ice and Fire by chillyravenart
Dark Dany x Jon Commission by chillyravenart
Color Challenge: Daenerys and Jon by kallielef
Daenerys Targaryen
Daenerys by FeydRautha81
Daenerys: redesign #3 by Jelliemia
Daenerys Targaryen by BellaBergolts
Daenerys: redesign by Jelliemia
Jon Snow
This One Belongs To Me by chillyravenart
Jon Snow by ajinak
and now his watch is ended by eluas
Jon Snow - Summer almost gone by coraldanarose
House Targaryen
The Realm's Delight by l-livas-l
Rhaenyra Targaryen by Chachamaru-sama
Princess Visenya Targaryen by Chachamaru-sama
The Conquerors by Chachamaru-sama
House Stark
Medieval maiden by las-rzeczy
Starks by Forestelfin
Offerings by naomimakesart
Cregan Stark x Alysanne Blackwood by chillyravenart
Family Pictures
R+L= Jon Snow by chillyravenart
Jon and his parents... by chillyravenart
Children Of The Mad King by naomimakesart
Jon At Lyanna's Statue by chillyravenart
Jon x Dany - HBO edition
Targaryens by atomiccaffeine
Inspired by HBO GoT series
[COMMISSION] Draconaix by Blacksa1t
The She-Wolf by Cascador
Knight of the Laughing Tree. Lyanna and Rhaegar by Fealin-Meril


Allies of House Starkgaryen

Hello everybody and welcome all the new Starks x Targs fans! :wave:
Thank you for your risen interest in the group, which I'd guess we have HBO GoT series to thank for :D

This post is to remind you that despite the series being in its full force and glory, we still humbly remain a stubborn book-centric community (and with the same stubbornness we believe in the arrival of The Winds of Winters one glorious day :pray:), that is why, for your convenience and for the sake of not mixing the portrayal of bookverse with how the series interpret it, there's now a special new folder for Jonerys HBO edition, here's how it goes:

:bulletpurple: Jonerys - HBO Edition - for all the Jon x Dany images that portray the characters based off the actors' respective features, Kit Harington & Emilia Clarke

:bulletblue: Jonerys Bookverse - for your own - not inspired by the series - visions of the characters as seen in the ASOIAF books, illustrations and imaginings

:bulletgreen: For all the images that feature the abovementioned actors in action - please refer to our regular HBO renditions folder

:bulletorange: For bookverse Jon (who isn't curly-haired, has a long horseface, a prominent nose, grey eyes and an assortment of scars) and bookverse Daenerys (oh the joy of Targaryen hair, pretty much nearing albino skintone, violet eyes and definitely no black eyebrows, Targs, you see) - refer to their named folders: Jon & Daenerys

Thank you for your attention and understanding of these simple terms!
Winter is coming, and hopefully TWOW as well :D
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Rules of House Starkgaryen


1. :flame: We're a book-centric community!:bookdiva:
All book fans are most welcome to join the fun! :la:
:police: For arts inspired by HBO series use the separate folder :nod:

2. :flame: All artistic levels are accepted :la:
:police: However, badly scanned/photographed/blurred/unclear images would be declined. Respect the viewers!

3. :flame: Our featured characters are: Jon Snow | Lyanna Stark | Rhægar Targaryen | Dænerys Targaryen
:police: Images with other characters depicted might be accepted as long as the featured characters play an important role in the image :nod:

4. :flame: Pairings we support and strive for are:
Jon x Dænerys & Lyanna x Rhægar
:police: Please do not submit images of other pairings (they'd be declined and/or removed) - better check our Affiliates section for the groups where you may direct them to! :nod:

5. :flame: Family Pictures imply the depictions of featured characters with the members of their respective families.

6. :flame: Mature content is accepted and welcomed :eyes:
Hereby you're the only one responsible for the knowledge you might acquire via browsing our galleries.


Group Info

Appreciation society for Starks x Targaryens - Jon x Dænerys & Lyanna x Rhægar - of GRR Martin's ASOIAF | A Song of Ice and Fire :flame: We're BOOK-centric like hardcore, welcoming the most relentless crackshippers, your finest theorybending and delicious fanarts!
#asoiaf #targaryen #housestark #jonerys #lyannastark #rhaegar #rhaegarxlyanna #fireandblood #winteriscoming #jonxdany #bookverse
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:flame:CANON is COMING :flame: - that's our house motto!

Welcome to the loving artistic family :heart:


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Eddard  and Lyanna by gasnikova
Aerys, the mad king by Pojypojy
reoccurring dreams by CanastaClaw
Rhaegar - Color Version by Urugeth
Lookalikes - All
Innocence by Hekkil
rano by s-u-w-i
 5 by Pti-SPB
Lookalikes - Lyanna
The long, cold journey... by Zhrayde
Iselin and Eira by TheSadGryllotalpa
Cepphiro by Dark134
glare 2 by y-u-k-i-k-o
Lookalikes - Dany
Epiales by teryndactyl
.. by hoooook
imaginary illness by agnes-cecile
Garden of the nymph by Liancary-art
Blood and roses by Alaiaorax
Meditation. Night by Lusidus
Merlin by Giacobino
Living Wonder by Skaya3000
Artisan Crafts
Drogon 3 by OkamiKiba13
Handmade Game of Thrones Jon Snow with Longclaw by RbitencourtUSA
Handmade Game of Thrones Daenerys Targaryen Pillow by RbitencourtUSA
Galactic Dragon Egg - Game of thrones by Pop-custom



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godofwarlover Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2016
Rhaegar and Lyanna are canon now. So why is this called Crackship Society?
synesthesea Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2016  Hobbyist Photographer
Whoah, thanks for the heads up! I don't really follow the HBO in their series so it's good to hear RxL were finally shown there and canonized (who could've thought :lol:)
And since you bring up the crackship thing, has Jon x Dany gotten canonized too? :o
godofwarlover Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2016
No on Jon and Dany, yes on Rhaegar and Lyanna being the parents of Jon
synesthesea Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2016  Hobbyist Photographer
I see :nod: Well, the R+L=J has been pretty obvious for quite some time now, so no grand surprize with that... And as of JxD, let's see how Martin and/or HBO gonna play it out.
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FairyNinja12 Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2016  Student General Artist
Do you know any Rhaegar x Lyanna fanfics (not the smut or nsfw ones) to recommend?
synesthesea Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2016  Hobbyist Photographer
Uhh, sorry for teh late, dear :blushes: Haven't been on the fanfic roll in the asoiaf fandom for quite some time but I believe during that time a lot of them were created :la: I can only suggest you go roam through tumblr, particularly search for specific posts where folks make their own rec compilations - with ratings, size, status (complete or on-going) etc
RobicTheEscapist Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2015
Thank you so much for having my Jon and Ghost in your gallery! :iconyayjonsnow:
Pop-custom Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2015  Professional Artisan Crafter
I little crazy you think ? Water dragon - emoticon  :)…
reccaXD Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2016  Hobbyist Artist
Only if you start burning people alive with wildfire screaming merciless 'burn them all'

But no you just a 'out there fan'
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Thanks for requesting my GoT fanart, 'His New Flame' :)
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