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Warrior Of Emotion-Chapter 2
                                       THE NEXT MORNING
Since what happened last night I haven't been able to get a single second. Reyna calmed down a few minutes after her breakdown started, then passed out from exhaustion. Shes the lucky one, if I fall asleep I might have another nightmare and might give in to the temptation to activate my power. I wish I had slept because most likely, even with what happened last night Reyna's most likely still going to make me- "Nhylus!" Shit! I hate when I'm right.
"No!" I plead, "please don't make me go!" My gray fur stands on end. I would literally do anything in order to stay away from that hellhole, that awful place is every teenagers living nightmare... Highschool. "I'm so tired, don't make me go there, don't you remember last year?" Actually last years event wasn't that bad, it was actually really funny.
Okay, so it was in Mr. Zeph's class, he
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The Warrior Of Emotion- chapter 1
The nightmare went by as it always has, there was the blinding light, the screams of agony and worst of all there was the springer shot. Soon enough my screams joined the other and a feeling tried fighting its way to the surface, a feeling I never wanted to let loose into the world again.
"Nhylus!" The screaming, there was always screaming. Don't let it fool you, I thought to myself, its just messing with your head. "Nhylus please! Wake up!" Its a girls voice, somehow it seems so familiar. Maybe I should give in, then all the pain, all the confusion, it will all be over.
As I finished that thought I was punched straight in the face! My vision went a blood red as the dream quickly faded away. I opened my eyes, my fangs bared as I prepared to tear at my attacker but then I saw her face, the look of total despair as she stood over me sobbing. The place where her right arm had once been served as an eternal reminder of that night 8 years ago, the blood that had coated her dark blue fur sti
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Corruption - Cover by Yukella Corruption - Cover :iconyukella:Yukella 350 32 TWA Poster Assets - Hal Adhil by Kafelnikov TWA Poster Assets - Hal Adhil :iconkafelnikov:Kafelnikov 56 14 Namah Motivational Speech cartoon by Dreamkeepers Namah Motivational Speech cartoon :icondreamkeepers:Dreamkeepers 39 17
Set Me Free (Dreamkeepers fan-poem)
Set Me Free
For Namah
Can’t breathe. . .
Heavy bars between me and
Forbidden sky;
Hand against the frozen glass,
I wish to die.
Can’t leave. . .
Desperate pleas for help unheard,
Denied release;
Locked alone away as if
A rabid beast—
But vainly do I rage
To break the backbone of this cage—
I cannot win.
And though I fight until
This savage fury tries to kill,
You won’t give in.
     What use has a famous father for
     The child that he ignores?
     Even horns as sharp as mine can’t pierce
     A heart as hard as yours.
Can’t see. . .
Closing in, the room becomes
A blood-black dream,
Chokes a life that once grew swift
And tendril-green.
Can’t be
The wild, beating, living thing
That strains to fly;
Chained to this confinement, I
Can only cry—
But in your eyes I see
Just what you truly think of me—
You’re so ashamed.
I tear the walls apart
And every clawm
:iconriorlyne:Riorlyne 8 10
Bast vs. Frost Worm by Dreamkeepers Bast vs. Frost Worm :icondreamkeepers:Dreamkeepers 69 24 DarznWolfe's Dragon by Dreamkeepers DarznWolfe's Dragon :icondreamkeepers:Dreamkeepers 229 24 Dreamkeepers motivational 43 by weskergonzalez Dreamkeepers motivational 43 :iconweskergonzalez:weskergonzalez 13 10 Dreamkeepers motivational 36 by weskergonzalez Dreamkeepers motivational 36 :iconweskergonzalez:weskergonzalez 8 7 Prelude 308 by Dreamkeepers Prelude 308 :icondreamkeepers:Dreamkeepers 82 68 Indigo Marrallang concept by Dreamkeepers Indigo Marrallang concept :icondreamkeepers:Dreamkeepers 126 39 Vyse DreamKeepers cameo by DragonJuno Vyse DreamKeepers cameo :icondragonjuno:DragonJuno 13 2 Dreamkeepers: Walk with me? by byakurai1313 Dreamkeepers: Walk with me? :iconbyakurai1313:byakurai1313 41 25 Monster1 by Dreamkeepers Monster1 :icondreamkeepers:Dreamkeepers 71 12 Winged Dreamkeeper by Dreamkeepers Winged Dreamkeeper :icondreamkeepers:Dreamkeepers 87 15 DreamKeepers idea Introduction by Dreamkeepers DreamKeepers idea Introduction :icondreamkeepers:Dreamkeepers 27 19 Shard of Fate by Dreamkeepers Shard of Fate :icondreamkeepers:Dreamkeepers 218 19


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Female-25 years old
Appearance-Dark blue fur, red eyes, missing right arm, 5 ft 9.
Likes-Fermentae, all animals,the rain, Nhylus,his friends.
Dislikes-cops, crowds, all weapons, staring, having to use her power
Fears-people finding out about their past, fire
Family-Nhylus is her only blood relative but she counts her pets and her boyfriend Kieren as family
Power-emotional manipulation/gives her the ability to control the emotions of those around her, example:she can cause a riot by just telling them to.
Lives-right next-door to the shop where Nhylus sneaks in and steals all her data scrolls
money-makes 52 lucre a week (don't know how much lucre is for so I'm just guessing) 


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Garret Pierce
United States
I am not really that good as an artist but whenever I'm reading, writing or even looking at the art of others it always makes me feel better so my friend recommended this website. So far everything I've seen here has really been amazing and I would love to discover more.


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Hey dude, thanks so much for the Watch! :hug:
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Thanks for the watch, starkeeper1! I hope you enjoy your time here on deviantart!
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thanks I just discovered Dreamkeepers today and when I found out about you I almost instantly went to your account
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Thanks man! Not sure how much you've dived into everything so far but here's a quick summary of who we are:

I run the Dreamkeepers fan group here on Deviantart, which should be a handy place to find DK related fan art: dreamkeepers-fans.deviantart.c…

I am also the author of The Wayward Astronomer, an illustrated novel set in the Dreamkeepers universe that is releasing this Fall:…

Dreamkeepers itself is created by David and Liz Lillie :icondreamkeepers:

There are currently four graphic novel volumes that have been released, and Volume 5 is in early production. The first three are available to read for free online, though I highly suggest if you enjoy DK you consider purchasing some of the physical volumes from Amazon. Everything looks really pretty in person compared to a computer screen, IMO. They also have a Patreon account which is a great way to support the production of Volume 5 if you have the means:…

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions and I will do my best to help!
starkeeper1 Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2016
hey I'm really wishing to work on making an OC, do you have any tips on doing so
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