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Boostle : Booster Gold + Blue Beetle fusion

This is my entry for the SKRATCHJAMS [link] Fusion Jam.

For this one I wanted to combine one of the greatest bromances in comic book history, Booster Gold and Blue Beetle.

(also, I stuck Skeets and The Bug together, because why not)

I tried my best to incorporate the most iconic parts of both of their costumes into one here and I hope it shows.

apologies for the somewhat rushed finish but I've been doing this one in my spare time between working
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Awww! Pretty cool actually^^

And I absolutely love the idea of Skeets/the Bug! If Skeets should come back one day AND be destroyed again, they should save him with Kord Tech. parts!
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we can only hope that would happen. Who knows what DC are doing with Booster right now since he sort of vanished from existence last time he appeared
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Amazing. Just amazing.
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Why thank you very much :D