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My last painting was for a novel on kickstarter right now called Mark of the Conifer. It's a fantastic dinosaur epic--what's not to like about that? If you haven't checked out the kickstarter already, hop on over and help make this thing fly! We've got about a week left, but have passed the half way mark!

If you can't back, you can always help spread the word and share it around :)

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I was tagged by :iconblogybo:!

The Rules

1. Post these rules.
2. Post 5 unknown facts about your SH character.
3. Tag 3 other characters.
4. Post their names along with their creators' avatars.

1. Tiago was originally drafted into the Argentine cavalry. He is Uruguayan, but couldn't prove it because he had no legal documents of any kind with him.
2. The last name 'De Campos' was arbitrarily assigned to him when conscripted, otherwise, all he had to go on was his mother's last name, which was Peña.
3. He's got three major scars if you manage to get him to take his shirt off. Only one character has managed that in play so far ;D
4. I try and only write dialog for Tiago that I could actually say in Spanish to keep him from sounding overly educated.
5. His rather halting speech patterns and occasional forgotten word are a byproduct of his dyslexia. He'll often switch to Spanish if he can't remember the Sybalian word, or vice versa.

Tagging (and I'm tagging six people because I can):
:icontwooost: with Cith
:iconthe-hybrid-mobian: with Piedad
:iconflanngo: with SH version of Art
:icondroemar: with Kenshin
:iconritosternbeck: with Edwin
:iconkiako: with Amynta
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So, Inktober is coming up! I opened up for suggestions last year, and I think about half of my drawings came out of them, which is good! So I thought I'd do it again.

This year, I'm asking for suggestions for creature designs! Suggestions don't have to be in a specific format, but I'd prefer you give me a challenge, and include a hint of their habitat (I want to work on my backgrounds a bit). A boring suggestion might be 'a horselike creature!' while a more exciting one would be 'a horse x lion creature that is aquatic!' Mythology is fair game, too. So are humanoids.

So have at it. I can't guarantee I'll do all of them, but there's also no limit on suggestions, either. 
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Just finished the first (maybe it counts as second draft?) draft of my second book, the Clockwork Dog. Just over 68,000 words, 199 pages printed, which would be around 250 pages in paperback. Woo!

Now more editing...
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Is there any interest in an illustrated copy of my book? It would be a draft—polished, but a draft nevertheless. It would include all the pictures from my BFA project a few years ago. (You can see all the art here: Hand-bound by me, probably rustic style leather cover of some sort, and would probably be finished in June. I’m making one for a friend, but it’s just slightly more trouble to make a small batch as it is to make just one. I’m guessing they’d be around $30-$40?  Shipping covered within continental US, extra elsewhere.

Firedance by Starhorse  Griffinai - War-Sky Rising cover by Starhorse  Lyriel and Conran by Starhorse  Griffinai Vs. Koranth by Starhorse

This would have to be an exact numbered, pre-order, pre-paid only type of thing, which I know sucks as a buyer, but that’s how it is. In the likely event there’s not an overwhelming number, I’ll probably do an original sketch in the front of each of them of one of the characters. 

So, thoughts? Takers? Opinions? This is just feeling the waters, I won’t be offended by anyone’s honesty here. 

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A long time favorite of mine, The LittlePrince is being made into a movie! And it looks beautiful :) I'm...glad it's a French studio, too. I haven't seen scads of French animation films, but from the ones I have seen, they seem to get things right and not hop stuff up on saccharine like big-name US films sometimes do. 

TOR blog, with preview and stills:…
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Try to stick to common-noun type suggestions, not so much 'my specific character X' but something like 'A cowboy!' is more along the lines I'm looking for. A 'cowboy riding a jackalope!' would also be a welcome sort. I'm okay with fandom suggestions, but don't go overboard, since I don't want to have to look up tons of reference for these. 

I may not take all suggestions, but I will try to make at least half of my inktober drawings from you guys! 

Also. Quantum Fairy Tales has another issue coming up, and it's the Halloween issue! If you want to submit art to it, note me your submission and a short bio (including the name you want posted with it, if accepted, and your age if under 18) It's not monetarily compensated, but I give at least a 250 word critique to all submissions, so if you want some free, thought out feedback, now's your chance! 
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Just mostly writing a book. Then need to finish a graphic novel. 

It takes a lot of time.
I volunteer for a little e-zine called Quantum Fairy Tales, and I'm looking for some art entries to include in the July issue! If you have a piece you would like me to consider, please send me a note with the piece linked. 

What's in it for you?

This is a not-for-profit, free e-zine, and we won't pay you for it, but you keep all rights (except for the limited ones granted to us to post it in the actual publication) what you DO get is a 250 word critique from me, whether you're accepted or not, which will include both what's working in the piece, and possible suggestions for improvement. Resubmissions are welcome, and it's good practice if you've never submitted for publication before. All ages are welcome. 

For submission guidelines, please see:… I'll be looking at art until the 20th. 

Since we're on dA, feel free to note me with a link to a submission if you wish. 
After about a week and a half, I finally have internet in my new house ^^ 

Now to just get all these rampant basement boxes whipped into shape...and find a roommate or two...
That mulberry grey stablemate I have in my gallery is currently for sale. I'm trying to get a house and am just a little shy of the down payment, so every little bit helps :) Sorry for the shameless plug...but I rarely sell the customs I make for myself, so thought I'd post.
SM Custom - Mulberry Grey by Starhorse
If anyone out there doesn't have a scanner, and would like an old, but functional one? 

I just replaced my old trusty epson, but I can't bear to just send him to a thrift store or something. It's a Perfection 1260, works with PC or Mac. I just ask that you pay shipping (Probably like, $20?) It's slow, and there's a small scratch on the glass, but it rarely affects the image. 

If you're interested please send me a note, and after a week I'll do a random drawing to see who gets it.  
I just realized today, that I've been on deviantART now for 10 years, uploaded more than 300 pieces of art, received over 5,000 comments, and had over 100,000 page views. Stats aside, I've grown, been helped, tried to help others, and progressed in ways I didn't think I could in that decade. It covered high school, an 18 month absence while I served an LDS mission in Uruguay, four awesome years of college studying with amazing professors and friends, made at least one life-long friend (you know who you are), and now what I hope is the beginning of a successful professional career as an illustrator. I don't think my 16 year old self had any idea how far I'd go in that ten years, and it's been an exhilarating (often to the point of exhaustion) ride that's not over yet. 

I just want to say thank you, to those that read this: you guys are why I stick around here. DA certainly has its foibles, and I (like many) even considered leaving a couple times (remember when half of us were convinced 'sheezy-art' was the place to be? yeah, that was embarrassing...), but you guys always managed to convince me otherwise, and I'm glad you did. So, happy 2014, and here's to another decade of awesome art community! 
If you've got any ideas not covered in the poll, please share! 

The full set can only be seen here:…

I'm going as Katniss to work, since I still have to be able to work and stuff in my costume (and it's not exactly a cubicle job...thankfully), and we're not allowed any sort of dangling anything

I could pull something different for Halloween night, but we'll see if there's time for that this year. It may be the first year in a long time I wear the same costume to two different parties XD 

Plans? What are you going as this year? 

Also, as a side note: I now have an Etsy Shop open with prints, including the Media Horses series.
So, I'm finally cracking: too many people have been uploading pokemon stuff, and my interest finally reached a breaking point when I discovered my sister owns a DS (I had no idea she even had one) but she said I could borrow it, so I bought White, and will begin bashing my way through my first. video game. ever. this weekend. 

I am excited, and a little bemused by the whole thing, but I want to see what all the fuss is about :) Of course, I also want a team with all my childhood favorites on it, one of which is Rapidash (of course) and I think it'd be cool to get a shiny one, it's one of the few that I think actually looks cool as a shiny. 

I don't have any good pokemon to trade for it, but I could offer you a polished sketch / drawing in exchange. If anyone's interested, PM please, or leave a comment here if you wish, and I'll get back to you. 
Okay, so sometimes, when people :+fav: things, they put them in categories that I really get a kick out of (and sometimes feel really flattered by). 

Like Griffinai and Koranth fighting (they're equine...pretty much, to my eyes anyway) gets added to peoples' dragon categories a lot. 

Sometimes things get added to color coordinated galleries like 'cream collection' or 'blue ftw!' 

And sometimes the category names are just bafflingly funny, weirdly specific, or sound intriguing. 

So. What are some of your favorite categories you've seen crop up? 
And by that I mean this: 

I have some left over from conventions. They're vinyl, and about the size of a playing card, with '' below the image. If there's enough interest, I'll list them on etsy (or would you prefer to just do private orders through paypal?) I'm thinking $3, which includes shipping. Thoughts? 
Some have noticed I've been fiddling with my icon recently (It's gone through four iterations in the last week, when I feel like vegging I've been tinkering with it)

So, to help with my extreme indecision, I'm putting it to you, which do you prefer? Or do you have a completely different-but-amazing idea you'd like to see instead? 


The fourth is the old one, in case you're in favor of not changing. 

I lean toward the first one, currently, but didn't draw it (it's from an antique postage stamp that I've always loved (and want to get one, for that matter...))
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