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Normally Deyri would step in with a tactful word or polite compromise, setting both parties at ease. But not today- this morning the tall woman was even quieter than normal, her posture just a bit more listless. Even her eyes were dull. Despite the reversion she was feeling terribly exhausted- perhaps because she hadn’t had anything to help her body replace what it had lost. Truthfully all she would like to do is go home and rest. There was still the frantic anxiety over Tuku’s fate, but it was fogged over from handling it so much the night and day prior. Whatever was done was done, and she was either safe or she was not. Deyri found her attention drifting, only to snap it back into place as Chau began to move.

Chau sighed as Deyri and her followed the man, clutching what little belonging they had returned to her tightly to her chest. A small part of her wanted to go home first, to change her cloth, wash her hair, her face. But that meant putting off this visit for another few hours, which was simply not an option, both girls had agreed upon. Besides, she was sure he would not look any better…

At least her first—and hopefully last—night in prison had been much easier than the day. The Karuna’s optimistic nature remained unchanged by the terrible riots of March 10th, and somehow she had managed to be a support for the few Sybals she had had to share her cell with.

But when the sun reappeared, so did her worries, and her limbs felt even heavier than before. At night it was easy to keep telling herself and everyone else that the sun would always keep shining, and though she did strongly believe that during the day as well, her mind kept going back to the storm that  raged over Sybal Heim less than twenty-four hours ago. The thin line running from her cheek to her lip threatening to become an eternal reminder of it.

“Here we are, then,” the guard announced, before giving both women some instructions and then finally opening up the door.
Tiago was curled on the cot, facing away from the door. His two cell mates had been discharged, leaving him alone with his sentence. He’d tried to sleep, but the words kept repeating in his mind.

Six weeks.
Six weeks.
Six weeks.

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Word count: 3192

To stay, or to go?
Repeat offender
That's what friends are for

Sybal Heim © Anna Early
Tiago is mine
Deyri belongs to GodessFae
Chau belongs to SachiiA 
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Amazie-Star Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2018  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Deyri and Chau angry; now that's not something we often see! I love the way the three of them support one another and clearly care for one another very deeply. It's so heartwarming and beautiful! :heart:
mellihaeh Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
well, now, that was - as expected a tense read - but I loved the overall exchange between those three! all carrying the weight differently
wonderful rp, kudos to all three of you ~♥
SachiiA Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
SachiiA Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
//Gives toggy all the snugs! <3
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