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News to Break
“We have a citizen here for DeCampos. Says his name is…”
Tuku blinked.
The officer’s words drifted through the general noise of the crowded waiting area. A good dozen citizens rested anxiously on the benches, holding hushed conversations, brooding in silence, fiddling with paper or bits of clothing, or simply bouncing their knees. The general tension and confusion was still palpable, but this one was less immediate as people told themselves it would all be fine. It would sort itself out. Surely this was just a misunderstanding.
Some of them were undoubtedly right.
The police watching over the detainment chambers looked haggard and jumpy. They were more thorough than usual in checking people’s belongings and their heads snapped around at every raised voice. That attentiveness has been enough to keep all but the most vocal dissidents in check, coupled with the fact that those who pushed too hard found themselves promptly escorted from the building. The messa
:iconstarhorse:Starhorse 3 12
The Morning After
Tiago spent the night in Heiros containment, trying to crash his way out of a stall-sized partition separating him from the other detained sybals from the earlier riots crammed into every available holding space. He reverted feeling sore and exausted, but the only lingering traces of the previous day’s damages were a faint line of stained blots around his shirt-cuffs where the wrist restraints had cut him—due only to his own rather frantic struggle against them—and a lingering headache.  
He returned to his cell wordlessly, in the same suppressed mood as his cellmates and the other detainees—until they began being released. One by one, those who had been arrested or detained were interviewed, processed, fined, and, for the most part, let go.
When Tiago was separated for questioning, the officer interrogating him looked tired, and as if they’d asked their set of questions about a dozen times too many.
“Says here you weren’t found with stole
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Normally Deyri would step in with a tactful word or polite compromise, setting both parties at ease. But not today- this morning the tall woman was even quieter than normal, her posture just a bit more listless. Even her eyes were dull. Despite the reversion she was feeling terribly exhausted- perhaps because she hadn’t had anything to help her body replace what it had lost. Truthfully all she would like to do is go home and rest. There was still the frantic anxiety over Tuku’s fate, but it was fogged over from handling it so much the night and day prior. Whatever was done was done, and she was either safe or she was not. Deyri found her attention drifting, only to snap it back into place as Chau began to move.
Chau sighed as Deyri and her followed the man, clutching what little belonging they had returned to her tightly to her chest. A small part of her wanted to go home first, to change her cloth, wash her hair, her face. But that meant putting off this visit for another
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Sybal Heim RP: The Reaper Calls by Starhorse Sybal Heim RP: The Reaper Calls :iconstarhorse:Starhorse 63 14 SH NPC Burr by Starhorse SH NPC Burr :iconstarhorse:Starhorse 37 7 Archery Shirt 2017 Final by Starhorse Archery Shirt 2017 Final :iconstarhorse:Starhorse 21 9
    “Oh for the love of Basileus!  Alright, alright.  If you want to put your life on the line so bad…”  He raised his hands apologetically then fetched a badge and slingshot from his bag, handing them to Sisika.  “But you have been around for the past fifty, haven’t you?”  He stopped midway.
    She stopped for a moment before nodding hastily.  She took the offered badge, but left the slingshot.
    The officer looked at Tiago and Kenshin. “Do you have a third party member yet?”
    Tiago shook his head.
    “Fine. You can go with them then.”
    Kenshin felt his throat close up neatly at the sight of the woman. He scowled at his feet, already wishing he was home. At least it was only until sundown.
    Tiago always had to stick his hand in things. He could see a wasp’s nest and think it was in distress.
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Team Horse Force by Starhorse Team Horse Force :iconstarhorse:Starhorse 68 3 SH Nkiru (NPC) by Starhorse SH Nkiru (NPC) :iconstarhorse:Starhorse 18 6
Sybal Heim RP: Heavy Lifting
        Deyri was in the greenhouse, almost violently weeding to keep herself occupied. She had already gathered everything she needed for visiting Tahiry, ready to leave at a moments notice for his much needed presence after her latest Tell. Gracious, it had been unexpected and shocking and … it was all she could do to contain the swirl of emotions inside her.
        The mix was so potent and thick that it took a good minute for her mind to register that the bell on the door up front had rung. Deyri stood, clapping off her hands quickly and paced to the door, opening it with a bit quicker of a jerk then she normally would have.
        “Oh, Tiago!” she said, almost breathless
        “Thank you for stopping by” her hand fidgeted at her side, the other still clutching at the handle of the greenhouse door.
        Deyri looked … frazzled.
:iconstarhorse:Starhorse 4 7
Tiago's Gala Outfit  by Starhorse Tiago's Gala Outfit :iconstarhorse:Starhorse 32 17 Sybal Heim: The Forest by Starhorse Sybal Heim: The Forest :iconstarhorse:Starhorse 31 13


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