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Scattered Thoughts//1
They are limited with their knowledge of the world.  They only think up to their self made boundaries.
Dreamers, we have none.
We are the quiet ones. The ones that observe meticulously.
We know knowledge of
the People
the Society
the Divisions.
Philosophical thoughts flood your mind;
things that they never had the thought to even contemplate upon.
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I think I may have lost my mind since I haven't left the house in precisely 7 days. I refuse to be seen by anyone whatsoever and I think I've made that clear to him; except he doesn't listen to me. I've heard vibrations from my phone non stop, rocks on my window and doorbells which I always ignore.
I am glad. I promise. I am glad that I've found out the truth now instead of playing a game for basically the rest of my life; that's how long I thought it'd be. I know ridiculous.
But sometimes when it's very very very late and I have had a little bit too much vodka, I wonder if I made the right decision
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Fear. What is it because they don't understand
The complexity of being afraid
They don't understand the pain of being afraid
I see fear
I see it creeping and crawling
It's them that don't get it
It's them that don't see the shadows
I want to make them see
How do I make them see
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the sky was purplish with a dark blue undertone. Small twinkling stars highlighted the folds of the clouds like it was a painting. The air carried the light scent I barely identified as summer. It was faint now; the rotten flesh overpowered it.
Hesitantly I looked down, eye level with the barren streets of what was once New York. Most of the buildings were barely standing, scientists tried to contain the outburst with helpless attempts of burning down the Super Bug infested areas.  
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the most overrated word in the English language. Thrown around like a toy.
Like when she gave him coffee: " I love you"
Like when her phone reminded her of the meeting "I love you"
"Those 3 words
are said too much
they're not enough "  - Snow Patrol
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Black marker tattoos
Drawn by
Bold black marker
On my
Skin. Different things
Faded Ink
Skin on find
'Forever' stays
But then
Into the depths of
my memories
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the action or process of detaching; separation

I have decided to speedster myself from everyone. Ignoring invitations, texts and calls. Ignoring everything that disrupts this momentary period of self discovery and confusion. It's ironic, I've always thoughts of these walls as confinement; something that keeps me away from the world. But now I cherish them, they keep me safe from the questioning glances of my family members.


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my work is all over the place🌈 I like to think of myself as a well rounded alien 🙂


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