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[ ART TRADE ] Achlys Actinium is out of the water!

By StarGlowey
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AAA sorry for being late, but here's artwork of Achly Actinium (89) i have so much fun of drawing her even the dread duck i added just to make it spice it up a bit. 

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LOL I love the duck there! Just saying that I also finished my part too since last week, I think?

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thank you so much! Somehow dread ducky is one of my favorite nightmare characters in the dark deception, i just can't handle how well design of the character is just too cute for me, even the jump scares animation too. I would say thank you so much for drawing my slime gal sometimes i forgot to check the notification, but thank you! rainbow heart 2

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Oh yeah! They indeed are one of the best villains there quack quack~ The legs and dancing really crack me up!

And I’m glad you thought these two were fun to doodle! Thank you!
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Your welcome! if you want to do an art trade again you can note me anytime!

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I’d like to do one again now! I’ll note you!