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Love born from fusion - Part 3 by azfm14

Character  Maya GoodwallCharacter  Kodaka Lu'an
With a love fuelled lust, Maya and Kodaka once again fuse together as Komaya. Giving Kodaka the chance to feel their combined heart beat once more, while the newly fused couple drift off to sleep as one whole mind~
Third and final page of a commissioned comic done by :iconazfm14: that I have been really excited to post, for reasons you have probably figured out by now.

I know that overtime. I have been teasing the idea of Maya and Kodaka becoming a couple. But now, it is official!
As for why I decided to make them a couple? It's primarily due to their personalities. While Maya is as confident, teasing and proud to flaunt her body like any showgirl. Kodaka is more nervous and shy, and easy to embarrass when one of her potion and tea mixing goes wrong. 

Part 1: HERE!
Part 2: HERE!
Part 3: You are here!

And of course, a big thank you :iconazfm14: for doing this! And I hope you all enjoy!
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wow i love these two you make such amazing art and characters

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Thank Azmi for doing the brilliant art, but thank you! I'm glad you enjoy my characters

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i love them and if you like i would love to chat if you like because i would love to hear your story. also got a link to the artist?

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Of course, also. I do a link to the artist in the comment section below.

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No thanks, but thank you for asking.

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Fine, but I did had a idea.

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Honestly this is really nice

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Aww, thank you.

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Such a adorable fusion and awesome result
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It is adorable how a transformation leads to two becoming a couple.

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