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Name: Lucy Mills

Name meaning: The meaning as of light (born at dawn or daylight, maybe also shiny, or of light complexion)

Nicknames: Lu,Milly

Alias: None

Status: Resurrected 

Home Planet: Earth

Species: Half Human Half Metahuman

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Height: 4'8"

Weight: Thin

Sexual Orientation: Lesbian

Relationship Status: Taken

Occupation: Purple Paladin of Voltron

Birthday: 4th of April

Astrological Sign/Zodiac: Aries

Birthstone: Amethyst

Blood-type: AB

Personality: Generous,cute,loving,beautiful,smart,protective of Pidge and her friends  

- Pidge
- Allura and the other paladins
- Reading
- Being with Pidge
- Cuddling with Pidge
- Watching the stars with Pidge
- Inventing with Pidge
- Kissing Pidge 

- Zarkon
- Galra expect Keitha because she's nothing like them
- Violence and abuse
- Being alone

Past/Bio: She lived on Earth for so long with her parents when suddenly she and her parents were attacked by Galra,when her parents told her to run and hide they were suddenly killed by the Galra, she was scared that she ran to safety and blame herself for not saving her parents and she hopes that one day she will find someone to love so she won't be alone again and she hopes that the person she loves won't her leave alone.        


Hair color: Sliver

Eye color: Blue,turns pink when she uses her powers.

Hair style: Long hair braided

Makeup: Red lips,purple eyeshadow,pink blush,purple mascara,blue eyeliner,purple nails

Clothing: Jinx dress,black lace stockings,purple and black ankle boots,black fingerless gloves   

Skin color: Peach Pale

Scars: None

Any bodily modifications?: None

Accessories: Gold Amethyst sand dollar earrings,tanzanite crystal gold pendant

Any tattoos?: None

Piercings: None

Father: Michael Mills (Deceased)
Mother: Rose Mills (Deceased)
Sibling(s): None
Relatives: None
Best Friend(s): Lance,Keitha,Hunk,Matt,Shiro,Allura,Coran,Kolivan,Ulaz,Shay,Romelle
Love Interest/Crush: Her girlfriend Pidge
Enemy(ies): Haggar,Zarkon,Ezor,Zethrid,Acxa,Narti,Sendak,Thace,Prorok,Throk,Myzax,Haxus,Beta Traz Warden,Drazil,Lotor
Rival(s): None

Favorite Color: Purple,green reminds her of Pidge

Favorite Food: Anything Hunk makes,ice cream,chocolate,pizza,sandwiches  

Favorite Time of the Day: Night and afternoon

Favorite Season: Spring

Voice Actor: Anna Kendrick 
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December 23, 2017
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