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Name: Keitha Kogane 

Name meaning: Forest

Nicknames: Kei

Alias: None

Status: Deceased/Killed by Lotor later resurrected 

Home Planet: Earth

Species: Half Human Half Galra

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Height: 4'8"

Weight: Thin

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Relationship Status: Taken

Occupation: Black Paladin,Red Paladin (Formally),Leader of Voltron,Second in Command of Voltron (Formally),Member of the Blade of Marmora (Currently)

Astrological Sign/Zodiac: Libra

Birthstone: Ruby

Blood-type: AB

Personality: Generous,strong hearted,loving,beautiful,protective of Lance and her friends  

- Lance
- Allura and the other paladins
- Training
- Being with Lance and her brother Shiro
- Cuddling with Lance
- Kissing Lance 
- Her brother Shiro

- Zarkon
- Violence and abuse
- Being alone

Past/Bio: Before Keitha became the Red Paladin,she was an orphaned at a young age; the only enigmatic connection to her past that remained with Keitha was a small blade inscribed with a strange glowing emblem that Keitha kept wrapped up. At some undetermined point,Keitha met her new older brother Shiro and became his new younger sister and became part of his family, and eventually enlisted as a cadet of the Galaxy Garrison,becoming a classmate of Lance and possibly Hunk.

During her time as a cadet,Keitha was considered to be the best pilot of her generation and Lance claims they have a romance between them and a few days later they start to date because Keitha feels the same way about Lance,but the prodigal pilot was ultimately expelled from the Garrison due to "a discipline issue" according to Commander Iverson. She was heartbroken and did not want to be separated from Lance so she retreated to the desert to search for a purpose and consequently felt the energy emitted by the Blue Lion,leading her to remain there and investigate the surrounding caverns full of lion carvings.        



Hair color: Black

Eye color: Blue,turns yellow when she's in her Galra form.

Hair style: Long wavy hair (Formally),Short straight hair (Currently) 

Makeup: Red lips,green eyeshadow,pink blush,black mascara,black eyeliner,blue nails

Clothing: Black high neck crop top,blue skirt,black lace stockings,black combat boots,black punk fingerless gloves,a red jacket

Galra Clothing: Black punk rave top,black gothic ruffled tiered layers lolita skirt,red,white and black boots,black tights,one black lace glove and one long black lace glove,purple cat ears,purple tail,wolf ear trimmed hood      

Skin color: Peach Pale

Scars: None

Any bodily modifications?: None

Accessories: Ruby drop earrings,tanzanite ruby heart pendant

Any tattoos?: None

Piercings: None


Father: Keitha's father.Shiro's father (Adoptive Father)  
Mother: Krolia,Shiro's mother (Adoptive Mother) 
Sibling(s): Shiro (Adoptive Brother) 
Relatives: None 
Best Friend(s): Pidge,Hunk,Matt,Allura,Coran,Kolivan,Ulaz,Shay,Romelle,Lucy
Love Interest/Crush: Her Boyfriend Lance
Enemy(ies): Haggar,Zarkon,Ezor,Zethrid,Acxa,Narti,Sendak,Thace,Prorok,Throk,Myzax,Haxus,Beta Traz Warden,Drazil,Lotor
Rival(s): None


Favorite Color: Red,black,yellow

Favorite Food: Anything Hunk makes,chocolate,sandwiches  

Favorite Time of the Day: Night and afternoon

Favorite Season: Spring

Voice Actor: Jenna Coleman
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December 23, 2017
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