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Full Name: Alice Bell O'Neil

Gender: Female

Species: Formerly Human now a White Fox

Nicknames: Ally,Icy and Bell
Donatello's Nickname For Alice: My Princess (because she is Donnie's Princess)

Personality: Brilliant,nice,sweet,caring,kind hearted,beautiful,patient,bookworm,inventor and non judgmentally  

Birthday: October 31th,1995

Sign: Libra

Age: 26

Height: 5'9"

Weight: Thin

Family: Mr O'Neil (Father),Mrs O'Neil (Mother),April O'Neil (Older Sister),Robyn O'Neil (Older Sister),Casey Jones(Brother in Law),Cody Jones (Great Grandnephew),Leo,Raph and Mikey (Brothers in Law),Splinter (Father in Law),Daphne (Daughter) 

Friends: Leonardo,Mikey,Raphael,Casey,Splinter,Leatherhead,Angel,Renet,Karai,Cody,Justice Force,Ancient One,Usagi,Triceratons,Bishop,Professor,Utrom,Klunk,Hisomi,Honeycutt,Serling,Starlee,Nanobot,Sydney,Chaplin,Silver Sentry,Stonebiter,Faraji,Kon,Mrs Jones,Razorfist,Chikara,Y'Lyntians,Inuwashi Gunjin,Tomoe,Ninja Tribunal Acolytes,Raptarr,Al,Zippy,Monkey Face,Sleeg,Paz,Bowmaster,Guardians,Graviturtle,Shellectro,Noriyuki,Torbin,Jhanna,D'Jinn,Joey,Kirby,Tyler,Council of Three,Constable Biggles,Gennosuke,Ryan,Emily,Olivia

Enemies: Shredder,Baxter Stockman,Hun,Cyber Shredder,Dark Turtles,Foot Clan,Purple Dragons,Viral,Rat King,Turtlebot,Foot Ninjas

Crush later Boyfriend later Fiance later Husband: Donatello Hamato

Appearance: Light Brown hair,blue eyes,pink lips,purple eyeshadow,purple nails,pink blush,purple mascara,purple eyeliner,green sleeveless turtle neck top,purple skirt,blue tights,black lace up side zipper chunky heels ankle boots,purple rose earrings,turtle pendant,purple and black armwarmers,brown glasses,purple jacket,lace headband,wears a amethyst ring.

As Crystal Winter:Golden fox eyes,fangs,white fox mask,a blue and white japanese outfit,white fox fur gloves,fox fox ears and a white fox tail

Crystal Winter Weapons and Powers: Ice powers,ice swords and ice staff  

Hobbies: Reading,Inventing,listening to music,spending time with Donnie

Loves: Donatello,animals,music,science,technology,inventing,children,chocolate,sweets,pizza,her sisters,her friends and training with Splinter.

Dislikes: Nightmares,bullies,rude people,anyone who hurts animals or children,anyone who judges others for different,April with Donnie,Baxter Stockman and Shredder  

Fears: Fire and lighting

Martial Arts: Ninjutsu

Weapon of Choice: Bo staff

Location: New York

Languages: English and japanese

Favorite Flower: Roses and violets

Favorite Colors: Blue,green,white and purple

Favorite Holidays: Halloween (Cause she was born on Halloween) and christmas

Favorite Foods: Chinese and pizza

Favorite Animals: Turtles and cats

Background: Alice and her sister April worked for Baxter Stockman but Alice hates what Baxter makes she begged her that she quit along with her but then Alice and April were attacked by mousers and they were then saved by four mutant turtles and falls in love with one of the turtles named Donatello.      

Voice By: Rachel G. Fox and Zendaya
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