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Name: Sirena

Nicknames: Rina and Siren

Gender: Female

Race: Mermaid with shark teeth

Nationality: Was born underwater

Age: 32

Birthday: October 31th 1988

Hair: Redhead

Style: Curly and long

Eyes: Blue

Height: 62.2

Weight: Thin

Blood Type: Positive

Appearance: Has Red hair,has blue eyes,has blue nails,has blueish green lips,has blue eyeshadow,has rose pink blush,has blue eyeliner,has pink mascara,wears a mint blue dress when she's in her human and mermaid form,wears a blue bikini top underneath her dress,has a blue mermaid tail,wears a seashell necklace,wears silver blue topaz starfish drop earrings,wears mint blue arm warmers,wears mint blue tights when she's in her human form,wear mint green heels when she's in her human form,wears a aquamarine amulet that allows her to become human and a mermaid,wears a glitter ice starfish hair clip  and wears a blue flower and golden chain hair flower crown.  

Occupation: Wife to Dr. Cockroach and daughter to Leon and Marina

Personality: Kind-hearted,cheerful,caring and beautiful

Status: Married

Crush/Boyfriend/Husband: Dr.Cockroach (Husband)

Family: Leon (Shark Father) and Marina (Mermaid Mother)

Favourite Colour: Aqua Blue and mint green

Favourite Food: Ice cream,sandwiches with cheese and candy  

Least Favourite: Fish (She doesn't eat fish or other sea creatures from the ocean)

Favourite Music: Soft violin and piano music

Skin Colour: White peach

Short History: She got separated from her parents when she was 30 years old but then one day when she was found on the seashore by Dr.Cockroach he took her back to his lab and nursed her back to health when she was all healed up she began to fall in love with Dr.Cockroach and he fell in love with her.

Other Info:
~Her favourite sea animals are Sea Horses,Starfish,Sharks and Dolphins   

~Loves hanging out with her monster best friends Susan and Brair. 

~Hates getting slimed by B.O.B. 

~Loves science and swimming. 

~Loves watching the nature channel on tv with Briar.

~Sometimes get along with the president and the general.

~Her favorite flowers are roses,violets,lilies,tulips and sun flowers and they are her flower siblings and their names are Rosa,Vi,Lillie,Tula and Sunny.

~Hates it when Link ruins her flowers,her flower siblings and eats them.

~She fell in love with Dr. Cockroach at first sight after he nursed back to health.

~Her only wheelchair is the wheelchair that Dr. Cockroach gave her. 

~The only alien that she is best friends with is Sqweep.

~The only human that she hates is Derek because he broke Susan's heart and hurt her feelings and she hates his hair and face too.

~The only monster man that she loves is her husband Dr. Cockroach.

~She has a amulet that allows her become a human and a mermaid.

Voice Actress: AnnaSophia Robb (In movie and specials) and Kiernan Shipka (In tv series)
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November 24, 2017
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