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Name: Brair Rose

Nicknames: Bri and Rose

Gender: Female

Race: Flower Fairy

Nationality: Was born in a beautiful forest

Age: 29

Birthday: February 14 1889

Hair: Blonde

Style: Curly and long

Eyes: Green

Height: 62.2

Weight: Thin

Blood Type: Positive

Appearance: Has Blonde hair,has green eyes,has pink nails,has red lips,has blue eyeshadow,has rose pink blush,wears a blue dress,wears a red rose choker,wears rose gold tone and pink stud earrings,wears black arm warmers,wears white tights,wear blue lolita shoes and has pink fairy wings .  

Occupation: Girlfriend to The Missing Link

Personality: Kind-hearted,cheerful,caring and beautiful

Status: Taken

Crush/Boyfriend/Husband: Link (Boyfriend)

Family: Orphan

Favourite Colour: Blue and Pink

Favourite Food: Ice cream and chocolate    

Least Favourite: Meat (She's allergic to meat)

Favourite Music: Soft violin and piano music

Skin Colour: White peach

Short History: She lost her parents when she a little girl so she was raised a orphan she thought she was alone till one day when she was flying she saw a monster named Link and fell in love with love him and when he saw her he fell in love with her.

Other Info:
~Her favourite bugs are Butterflies,Ladybugs and Dragonflies.    

~Loves hanging out with her monster best friends Susan and Sirena.

~Hates getting slimed by B.O.B.

~Loves Gardening.

~Loves watching the nature channel on tv with Sirena.

~Sometimes get along with the president and the general.

~Her favorite flower is roses.

~She fell in love with Link at first sight when she first saw him.

~The only human that she hates is Derek because he broke Susan's heart and hurt her feelings and she hates his hair and face too.

~The only monster man that she loves is her boyfriend Link.

Voice Actress: Carey Mulligan (In movie and specials) and Alison Brie (In tv series)
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November 27, 2017
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