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Full Name: Emerald Weatherson
Other Names: Em
Personality: Kind-hearted,patient,sweet,noble,confident,smart,creative,sometimes weird and beautiful
Appearance: Slender,at Tallulah's head,18 years old,blue eyes,blue lips,pink blush,blue eyeshadow,green nails,green and pink mascara,pink eyeliner,green and black hair,lace layered headband,blue short fishnet gloves,blue off shoulder top,blue drop earrings,blue heart crystal pendant,royal blue flared skater short skirt,blue stockings,blue glitter shoes
Occupation: None
Alignment: Good
Affiliations: The Robinson Family and Weatherson Family
Goal: Make sure her best friend doesn't destroy everything and to become co famous
Home: Todayland
Relatives: Eric Weatherson (Father) Lucy (Deceased Mother)
Pet: Robbie her pet squirrel
Allies: The Robinson Family,Goob,Lefty,Lewis,Wilbur,Carl,Frankie,Tiny,Her Girlfriend Tallulah
Minions: Robbie the Brown Squirrel
Enemies: DOR-15 and Ex Boyfriend Matt because he never loved her and he was only with her as a prank
Likes: Drawing,inventing rocket skates,painting,Tallulah
Dislikes: Wilbur being annoying and stupid,her paintings being ruined,people calling her crazy and nuts,her inventions ruined and destroyed
Powers and Abilities: Futuristic Technology and Inventing
Weapons: Martial Arts
Fate: Lives with her father,her girlfriend and friends happily
Quote: "Did you know that rocket skates are more fast then normal shoes?"

Emerald is the daughter of Eric and Lucy Weatherson and a deuteragonist of Meet the Robinsons. She is 18 years old.

Personality: Emerald is a smart straight A student. She love inventing and being with her girlfriend Tallulah But whenever Wilbur's around she makes sure that he doesn't touch her paintings or inventions. She loves to make rocket skates with the help of her pet squirrel Robbie

Appearances: Meet the Robinsons: She's first seen making her and Robbie's co famous outfits and Bud introduces her to Lewis and she asks him if he's a friend of Wilbur and then told him that any friend of Wilbur's is a friend of hers.

She is then spotted with Tallulah when she told her brother Laszlo to stop painting her hat and was seen with Tallulah and the rest of the Robinson family when Bud's teeth came back.  

At Dinner, Wilbur introduces Emerald and the Robinson family that Lewis is an orphan,causing her and the rest of the Robinson family to gasp. When he asks Lewis to fix the peanut butter and Jelly maker she begs Lewis to fix and told him to try. When Franny almost takes off Lewis's hat she gasp as Lewis starts a food fight. Just before anything can get more hectic,Bowler Hat Guy sends Mini-Doris,who is controlling a T-Rex named Tiny,Emerald and the Robinson family fight. After Wilbur defeats Tiny using the meat ball cannon, Tiny is rendered harmless.

After that Emerald,Lewis and Wilbur share a moment of victory,until Lewis accidentally calls Franny "mom" shocking Emerald and Wilbur. Their even more shocked when Franny offers to adopt him and that made Emerald so happy that she was going to have a second best friend. With no choice Wilbur exposes Lewis,and accidentally blurts out that he was never going to let Lewis meet his mom when he said that she slaps him and said that so wrong of you to do that. After Lewis storms off Emerald leaves after giving Wilbur a look of anger.

When Lewis returns after being kidnapped,Emerald went to look for Wilbur to apologize for slapping him and yelling at him. The only reason she wasn't erased from existence is because she is not a Robinson. When Lewis arrives at the Robinson house,she was taken over by Doris. They chase after him.

After Lewis fixes the time machine, she is relieved to see her best friend and Lewis safe. She embraces her best friend and apologize for getting mad at him and he forgave her which made happy until his father and her dad busts in demanding to know where the time machines are. She motions her best friend to hide,but it failed when Franny grabs him. She waves nervously to her dad Eric as the younger Lewis stands next to her. After that all is known that she begs Lewis to not to forget to meet her dad and he told her no way and that made her happy as she embrace him and said goodbye to him.
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