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Name: Experiment 336 aka Sherwin

Nickname (s): Michael's experiment, Sherwin, Experiment 366

Gender: Male

Race: Experimental Alien Dragon (Created by Michael)

Nationality: White

Age: 16

Birthday: March 13

Hair: Ginger Hair (On his head)

Style: Curly Style.

Eyes: Green and sometimes White

Height: Same as Ben and Zak's.

Weight: Thin.

Blood Type: AB

Star Sign: Aries

Occupation: Michael's experiment, Boyfriend of Jonathan, Sharp Crusher.

Personality: Shy and Loving (When he's around Jonathan), Caring, Kind, Smart, Softy, Sometime Short Tempered

Appearance: Sometimes wears a black strapped shirt,sometimes wears a black layer ruffled lolita skirt,sometimes wears black lace stockings,sometimes wears short black boots,sometimes wears a white ruffled long sleeve shirt,sometimes wears blue belted shorts,sometimes wears black socks,sometimes wears black combat boots,sometimes wears pink and black lace gloves,sometimes wears a lace dove choker,sometimes wears a belted choker,sometimes wears a galaxy choker,sometimes wears black fingerless gloves.  

Status: Gay/Taken

Crush/Boyfriend: Jonathan

Family: Jonathan (Boyfriend), Michael (Creator), Dawn (Friend), John (Friend), Brian (Friend), Holtin (Friend), Doyle  (Friend), Kevin (Friend), Andy (Friend), Christy & her siblings (Siblings), Gwen (Friend), Spike (Pet), Elastico (Pet), Bonnie and Clyde (Pets), Topper (Pet), Finder (Pet), Slugger (Pet), Link (Pet)

Favorite Color: Black,blue,orange,red

Favorite Food: What Jonathan makes,sandwiches,chocolate,ice cream

Least Favorite: N/A

Favorite Music: Pop and Jazz Music

Skin Color: Pale White

Short History: Sherwin was activated by shop water and has the habit of crushing things with his umbrella.

Other Info:
~Will speak his alien language at times,but speaks normal english like Reuben.
~Blushes a lot around Jonathan.
~Crazy about Jonathan

Voice Actress: Cameron Boyce
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April 11
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