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Name/Numeral/Symbol: 9 aka Alice Greenhill

Gender: Female

Nickname: 9 and Allie

Age (Mentally): 21

Tagline/Purpose (to…?): To bring back our lost memories and life

Hind Material: Human and has robot arms that used to be human arms

Appearance: Brown hair,green eyes,pink red lips,blue eyeliner,black eyeshadow,light pink blush,waterproof mascara,wears a brown dress,wears black lace thigh high stockings,wears long lace up boots,has a pocket watch that her grandfather gave her before he died around her neck,wears handcrafted steampunk pocket watch gears fishhook earrings,wears black black long satin gloves,wears a green crystal pendant and wears a blue and white sapphire ring.

Height: At 5's head

Abilities: She was born with the gift of life and with that gift she can bring anything dead back to life

Likes: Her friends,her grandfather,5,her parents,her son Jonathan aka 5 Jr and inventing

Dislikes: Her friends and family getting hurt,1's rudeness,8 being mean to people,machines and being alone

Strength: Sometimes strong

Weakness: Her friends,her family,her husband and son

Personality: Kind,cares about others,beautiful,joyful and smart 

Information/Background/History: She lost her parents when she was 10 years old so she taken in by her grandfather Jonathan Greenhill then her grandfather became very ill and soon died then one day the world ended and her memories suddenly became lost and she was then captured by the machine which was powered up for a while and it turned her arms into robot arms but when she found a way to escape she hid in a abandoned belltower waiting for someone to find her but then one day 2 found her and brought her to Sanctuary and there she met 5 and fell in love with him.

Personal Fear: Being alone and losing the people she loves

Weapon of Choice: Steampunk nerf gun,a sword from one era to another and a crossbow

Hobbies: Being with her husband 5 and her son,being with her friends,being with her grandfather and inventing

Crush/Love interest: Her husband 5 (Currently)

Theme Songs: Alice by Avril Lavigne,Bring me to life by Evanescence,My immortal by Evanescence,A whole new world/reprise by Lea Salonga and Brad Kane and Once Upon a Dream by Mary Costa and Bill Shirley  

English Voice Actor: Demi Lovato 

Spanish Voice Actor: Laura Candela

French Voice Actor: Sara Forestier

Quote (if any): Sometimes memories will come back or not and things like this never end well
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Submitted on
November 20, 2017
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