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Name/Numeral/Symbol: 95

Gender: Female

Nickname: None

Age (Mentally): Teens

Tagline/Purpose (to…?): To help us stay on the right path

Hind Material: A very finely lined light brown fabric

Appearance: Dark Brown yarn hair,she has her dad 9's eyes,wears a alice madness returns alice costume,wears a light sapphire pendant,has her father 5's buttons on her chest underneath her clothes,wooden hands with copper fingers and metal feet.

Placement of Symbol: Left shoulder 


Abilities: She loves to invent and heal people with her brother and she also loves to train with 17 and her mom 7

Likes: Her parents,her friends,86,her brother 59 and inventing

Dislikes: being alone and losing her friends and family

Strength: Light as a feather

Weakness: Her family,86 and her friends

Personality: Kind,brave,sometimes stubborn,sometimes strange and smart

Information/Background/History: She was born before the talisman was discovered.

Personal Fear: Losing the people she loves

Weapon of Choice: A crossbow and a dragon scale armor sword

Hobbies: Being with her friends and family,being with 86 and inventing

Crush/Love interest: Her boyfriend 86 (Currently)

Injuries (if any): A scar on her leg from when she was attacked by a cat beast

Theme Song: All about that bass by Meghan Trainor and Toxic by Britney Spears

English Voice Actor: Rowan Blanchard

Spanish Voice Actor: Dafne Fernández

French Voice Actor: Mélanie Thierry

Quote (if any): Looks like you finally decided to join the fight big brother.,its alright 18 they're cataloging.,17 stop! he's not worth it.
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December 9, 2017
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