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Name/Numeral/Symbol: 12

Gender: Female

Nickname: None

Age (Mentally): Pre-Teens

Tagline/Purpose (to…?): To fill us with luck

Hind Material: A light brown fabric

Appearance: Dark Brown yarn hair,has her father 18's eyes,wears a green gothic lolita dress,wears a red hood,wears blue quartz and sterling silver pendant,has her father 18's buttons on her chest underneath her clothes,wooden hands with gold fingers and sliver feet.

Placement of Symbol: Back

Height: At 34 and 43's heads

Abilities: She sometimes likes to train with her half sister.

Likes: Her friends,her family,her half sister 17,peace,reading and 43

Dislikes: being alone,war,chaos,fighting and losing her friends and family

Strength: Light as a feather  

Weakness: her older half sister 17,her family,43 and her friends

Personality: Beautiful,kind,sometimes stubborn and cute

Information/Background/History: She was born 2 years after the machine was destroyed and after 0 went to the afterlife.

Personal Fear: Losing the people she cares about and being alone

Weapon of Choice: None

Hobbies: Being with her friends,being with her half sister 17,being with 43 and reading

Crush/Love interest: Her girlfriend 43 (Currently)

Injuries (if any): None

Theme Song: A thousand years by Christina Perri and Fight song by Rachel Platten 

English Voice Actor: Mackenzie Foy

Spanish Voice Actor: Michelle Jenner

French Voice Actor: Adèle Exarchopoulos

Quote (if any): Like my sister 17 always said you want to live then fight.
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Submitted on
December 15, 2017
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