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Name/Numeral/Symbol: 68

Gender: Female

Nickname: None

Age (Mentally): Teens

Tagline/Purpose (to…?): To lead us into the future 

Hind Material: Black and white striped fabric

Appearance: White yarn hair,she has her dad 6's mismatched eyes,wears a black goth party dress,wears a blue nile oval blue topaz and diamond pendant,wears a light blue cape,has her dad 6's key around her neck,her dad 6's pen-nib fingers and feet.

Placement of Symbol: Back


Abilities: She loves to draw with her dad 6,she has visions just like her dad 6 and she can hear spirit voices that come out of the talisman  

Likes: Her parents,her friends,17,her brother 86 and drawing

Dislikes: being alone,being called a freak and losing her friends and family

Strength: Light as a feather

Weakness: Her family,17,her brother 86 and her friends

Personality: Kind,sometimes strange and beautiful

Information/Background/History: She was born before the talisman was discovered.

Personal Fear: Losing the people she loves and being rejected

Weapon of Choice: A steampunk quartermaster sword

Hobbies: Being with her friends and family,being with 17,being with her brother 86 and drawing

Crush/Love interest: Her girlfriend 17 (Currently)

Injuries (if any): A scar over her right eye that she got when 0 captured her 

Theme Song: Night is young by China Anne McClain

English Voice Actor: Emily Rudd

Spanish Voice Actor: Beatriz Luengo

French Voice Actor: Mélanie Laurent

Quote (if any): Go back to the source.,No you mustn't destroy it! Don't destroy it! he's trapped! he's trapped, he's inside! He's Trapped Inside!,18 you have to go back to the first room he'll show you the source!,sometimes i can hear spirits call for help.
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December 9, 2017
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