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Name/Numeral/Symbol: 59

Gender: Male

Nickname: None

Age (Mentally): Teens

Tagline/Purpose (to…?): To guide us into the future  

Hind Material: A light brown burlap

Appearance: Light Brown yarn hair,he has one eye and a eyepatch to cover his missing eye,wears a black gothic vest top,wears a black cotton pants,wears a black gothic tailcoat tuxedo jacket,wears a steampunk pocketwatch,has his dad 9's zipper on his chest underneath his clothes,metal hands with copper fingers and metal feet.

Placement of Symbol: Back


Abilities: He loves to invent and he loves to heal people.  

Likes: His parents,his sister 95,his friends,21,healing people and inventing

Dislikes: being alone,being made fun of and losing his friends and family

Strength: Really strong

Weakness: His family,21 and his friends

Personality: Handsome,brave,sometimes strange and smart

Information/Background/History: He was born before the talisman was discovered.

Personal Fear: Losing the people he loves and people making fun of him because of his one eye problem

Weapon of Choice:A crossbow and a small sword

Hobbies: Being with his friends and family,being with 21,inventing and protecting people

Crush/Love interest: His girlfriend 21 (Currently)

Injuries (if any): None

Theme Song: Say something by A Great Big World

English Voice Actor: Mitchell Hope

Spanish Voice Actor: Oscar Casas

French Voice Actor: Raphaël Personnaz

Quote (if any): A group must have a leader that what my father 5 always said,actually i don't mind being born with one its easier for me it allows me to focus on one thing after another you know,21 would be impressed and so would her dad 2,you know your just like her you always forget to be scared.,17? 95?,You both came back!,They've been here the whole time?!,Where are they?,no 1 they need more time!,It's done 18.,AAAAHHHH!! The Machine and 0! Everybody! The Machine and 0! Run away! AAH!
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December 9, 2017
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