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Name/Numeral/Symbol: 14 and 15 aka Irina and Dorothy Stern

Gender: Female

Nickname: 14,15,Rina and Dina  

Age (Mentally): 13 and 12

Tagline/Purpose (to…?): To help us see into the past  

Hind Material: Humans

Appearance: Irina has blonde hair and Dorothy has black hair,Irina has green eyes and Dorothy has green eyes,Irina has pink lips and Dorothy has pink lips,Irina wears a white bow cotton gothic lolita dress and Dorothy wears a mint green lolita dress,Irina wears black knee socks and Dorothy wears black knee socks,Irina wears mint green lolita shoes and Dorothy wears black lolita shoes,Irina wears a blue cloak and Dorothy wears a red riding hood cape,Irina wears black fishnet gloves and Dorothy wears blue fishnet gloves,Irina wears sweet glitter blue mirror cupcake stud earrings and Dorothy wears daisy floral stud earrings. 

Height: At 3 and 4's heads

Abilities: They love to discover new things

Likes: 3,4,their friends and reading.

Dislikes: being alone,losing their friends and people hating them

Strength: Light as a feather 

Weakness: Their lovers and their friends 

Personality: Kind,sweet,cute and smart 

Information/Background/History: They never knew their parents they only had each other and all they ever wanted was a family and sometimes when they look into the past they see kids with their families and they wanted a family too.

Personal Fear: Losing the people they care about and people abandoning them 

Weapon of Choice: They don't like fighting

Hobbies: Discovering new things,reading,being with their friends and being with their lovers 3 and 4

Crush/Love interest: Their lovers 3 and 4 (Currently)

Theme Song: Hello kitty by Avril Lavigne and Behind these hazel eyes by Kelly Clarkson   

English Voice Actors: Mackenzie Foy and G Hannelius

Spanish Voice Actors: Dafne Keen and Hannah Westerfield

French Voice Actors: Alba Gaïa Bellugi and Olga Kurylenko

Quote (if any): We sometimes get lost in the past so much 
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November 23, 2017
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