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Name/Numeral/Symbol: 12 aka Violet Hexstone  

Gender: Female

Nickname: 12 and Vi  

Age (Mentally): 21

Tagline/Purpose (to…?): To invent the future  

Hind Material: Human

Appearance: Blonde hair with pig tails in ribbons,purple eyes,red nails,green eyeshadow,dark pink blush,light black eyeliner,black mascara,red lips,wears a gothic slim Fit lolita dress,wears black tights,wears black ballet flats,wears a dark red cloak,wears black/purple acrylic checkerboard fingerless gloves,wears royal blue rose design rhinestone decorated earrings,wears a ruby heart ring,wears a purple crystal pendant and wears a purple amethyst silver necklace.

Height: At 2's head

Abilities: Invents cool gadgets with her special sight  

Likes: 2,her friends,her daughter 21 aka Valerie and inventing

Dislikes: being alone,losing her friends,being called a freak and people hating her

Strength: Light as a feather

Weakness: Her husband,her daughter and her friends

Personality: Kind,brave,beautiful and smart

Information/Background/History: She never knew her parents so she was raised a orphan hoping one day she will meet her family she has a special sight that allows her to make gadgets but one day when the world ends her sight became more amazing but all she wants is to find her parents so she secretly bulids a machine that allows her to go back in time that needs green crystals and she vows that one day she will find the green crystals that be able make her machine to work

Personal Fear: Losing the people she cares about and people hating her  

Weapon of Choice: A shotgun,a steampunk axe and a crossbow

Hobbies: Inventing,secretly trying to find a way to see her parents again,being with her husband 2 and her daughter and being with her friends

Crush/Love interest: Her husband 2 (Currently)

Theme Song: Ready As I'll Ever Be by Tangled Cast,Comatose by Skillet and I'm with you by Avril Lavigne    

English Voice Actor: Alexandra Daddario

Spanish Voice Actor: Verónica Echegui

French Voice Actor: Frédérique Bel

Quote (if any): I see things as future gadgets    
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Submitted on
November 21, 2017
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