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Name/Numeral/Symbol: 0 

Gender: Male

Nickname: None

Age (Mentally): Teens

Tagline/Purpose (to…?): To curse us (Formally),To help us make peace with us (Currently)  

Hind Material: A black burlap

Appearance: Dark brown yarn hair,medium red and blue eyes ,wears a black casual top,wears black jeans,wears a black long coat,wears a mad hatter top hat,has three buttons on his chest underneath his clothes,metal hands with gold fingers and silver feet.

Placement of Symbol: Back


Abilities: He sometimes likes to watch plants grow.

Likes: His friends,his older sister figure 21,peace,81 and plants

Dislikes: being alone,war,humans,chaos,fighting,bad machines and losing his friends

Strength: Really strong

Weakness: his older sister figure 21 and his friends

Personality: Handsome,kind,sometimes stubborn and sometimes evil

Information/Background/History: He was the first to be created by the scientist and he used to be a stitchpunk but now he is the machine's heart.

Personal Fear: Losing the people he cares about and being alone

Weapon of Choice: A pirate sword and a steampunk nerf gun

Hobbies: Being with his friends,being with his older sister figure 21,being with 81 and making chaos as the machine's heart (formally)  

Crush/Love interest: His older sister figure 21 (Formally),81 (Currently)

Injuries (if any): A scar on his right arm from when he was attacked by a cat beast  

Theme Song: Believe by Shawn Mendes

English Voice Actor: Dylan O'brien

Spanish Voice Actor: Christian Casas

French Voice Actor: Stanley Weber

Quote (if any): Thank you sister i love you goodbye.
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Submitted on
December 10, 2017
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