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Name/Numeral/Symbol: 16 aka Annabelle Lovecraft

Gender: Female

Nickname: 16,Anna and Belle  

Age (Mentally): 28

Tagline/Purpose (to…?): To protect and defend us from danger

Hind Material: Human

Appearance: Lavender hair,one green cat eye and one golden eye,green nails,blue eyeshadow,dark pink blush,black eyeliner,black mascara,red lips,wears a gothic and lolita dress,wears merino wool rib knit socks w/ lace trim,wears black gothic boots,wears a black cloak,wears black fingerloop arm warmers,wears double rose earrings,wears a black faux leather Chain gothic punk hair bow and wears a ruby ring.

Height: At 7's head

Abilities: She has great fighting skills like 7

Likes: 7,her unborn child,her friends,her sister,protecting people,her niece 31 aka Sapphire,training,fighting and secretly flowers

Dislikes: being alone,losing her friends and sister,people hating her,1 with her sister,machines,Belladonna,Belladonna taking over her sister's body,being made fun of and hurting people

Strength: sometimes strong

Weakness: Her wife,her sister,her niece,her unborn child and her friends

Personality: Kind,sometimes cold,overprotective,beautiful and strong hearted

Information/Background/History: She and her older sister 13 aka Emerald Lovecraft were hated by their parents and other people because of their eyes and people would always call them monsters but the only person who didn't hate them was Daisy their adopted mother she would always love them as her own children but when the world ended Daisy suddenly died but before she died she told them that she was proud to call them her daughters after Daisy's death her sister 13 aka Emerald Lovecraft began see the world differently but she sees the world as a monster war and she thinks she's keeping people safe when she's actually getting them into danger and her sister fears that she would become a monster.

Personal Fear: Losing the people she cares about and people hating her

Weapon of Choice: A Catspaw blade,a steampunk dagger,a steampunk handgun and a fantasy spear  

Hobbies: Protecting people,keeping her sister out of trouble and danger,being with her sister,being with her friends and being with her fiance 7

Crush/Love interest: Secretly her sister Emerald (Formerly),Her wife 7 (Currently)

Theme Song: My life would suck without you by Kelly Clarkson,Give me a reason by Pink,Behind these hazel eyes by Kelly Clarkson and Monster by Skillet

English Voice Actor: Laura Marano

Spanish Voice Actor: Paz Vega

French Voice Actor: Lily-Rose Depp

Quote (if any): Sometimes my sister gets into trouble and danger and i need to make sure she stay safe no matter what
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November 23, 2017
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