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+The Christmas Cat+ by StarGazingKitten +The Christmas Cat+ :iconstargazingkitten:StarGazingKitten 7 4 Salt Dough Christmas Ornaments by StarGazingKitten Salt Dough Christmas Ornaments :iconstargazingkitten:StarGazingKitten 7 7 Why We Don't trust Takumi by StarGazingKitten Why We Don't trust Takumi :iconstargazingkitten:StarGazingKitten 5 15 PokeSona: Sumiko by StarGazingKitten PokeSona: Sumiko :iconstargazingkitten:StarGazingKitten 15 9
Ninja Profile: Kubota Nozomi
Name: Kubota Nozomi
Pre-Shippūden: 12
Shippūden: 16
Species: Human (demon container)
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Blood Type: B-
Birthday: May 21st
Personality: Reserved and timid when it comes to trying new things; super naive about life; insecure about herself as a person and as a result tends to come off as uninterested or evasive, especially when meeting new people  (WIP)
Good Traits: Loyal, protective, friendly (once she decides to trust someone)
Bad Traits:  Displays multiple symptoms of avoidant personality disorder, easily distracted with emotions and lost in thought at inopportune moments; tends to be slow to trust others, even the ones she lets into her personal life; clueless about her own feelings toward a certain friend   (WIP)
Likes: Training, hanging out with friends, ramen, exploring the village, watching the sunset/stars, goi
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NaruNozo - Look to The Future by StarGazingKitten NaruNozo - Look to The Future :iconstargazingkitten:StarGazingKitten 17 12
Nozomi Shippuden Pt. 1
It was another beautiful day in Konoha. The sun beamed down from a cloudless sky, casting scorching rays onto the world below. A soft, gentle breeze wafted through the streets, making the sweltering heat bearable for the villagers. It seemed that the warmth of the sun, coupled with the blessing of the wind had put everyone in an upbeat mood. Well, almost everyone.
"Not here, either." Golden eyes lowered to the ground, black cat ears pinning back as Nozomi left Ichiraku Ramen with a disappointed sigh.
'I wonder if Konohamaru was just messing with me.' She thought with a frown. The day before, she'd encountered her former classmate, who seemed more energetic than usual, and curiosity had led to her asking what was up.
"Big brother Naruto's back in the village!" Came the enthusiastic reply that had made Nozomi's world come to an abrupt standstill. Eyes widening, she'd asked him if he was positive and he informed her that he had seen it for himself, causing a wide smile
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''The Christmas Cat'' Pt. 3B
Nozomi glanced around the room, feeling slightly unnerved.  Was it really necessary to eat by candlelight?  She didn’t recall Naruto saying anything about the electric bill being a problem this month, but then again, she also didn’t remember asking.  Gathering her courage, the brunette opened her mouth to ask, but then Naruto looked up, catching her eye, and she grew tongue-tied.
“So, Nozomi-chan, have you ever played in the snow before?”
Despite the awkward atmosphere, the question amused the brunette, and there was a teasing twinkle in her eyes.  “Didn’t I just do that earlier today?  Don’t tell me you forgot already!”
“No, I know that!”  A drop of sweat rolled down Naruto’s head as he shook his head rapidly, pouting.  “Have you ever tried it in human form?  That’s what I’m asking.”
One dark brow lifted upward before Nozomi shook her head.  
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''The Christmas Cat'' Pt. 3A
Naruto covered his mouth, stifling a yawn.  “This is the last step.” He murmured, grinning as he stirred the yellow mixture on the stove, watching as it changed into a light, fluffy pile of scrambled eggs.  He let them cook a few more seconds before turning off the burner, then turned off the timer, which had been about to go off. 
A fishy aroma filled the air as he opened the oven door, grabbing an oven mitt and taking out the small tray which contained the remainder of the fish he’d bought at the market.  Setting it on the stove to cool, he opened the cupboards, getting out two plates and glasses and setting them on the table. 
Then, he set to work scooping an even amount of eggs onto each plate, repeating the process after with the fish.  When he was finished, he got out the milk, filling each glass halfway, and stood back to admire his work.
Deciding the display was as good as an imperfect cook like him was going to get, the blond mov
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''The Christmas Cat'' Pt. 2
Naruto sat up and rubbed his eyes, glancing around his room sleepily. Hearing a yawn, his gaze shifted toward the source, and his face fell as he realized that the girl he'd been snuggling was a cat again.
His brows furrowed as he laid back again, thinking about the events of the night before and silently wondering if he'd somehow dreamt it all up. As he puzzled over this fact, Nozomi's eyes fluttered open, and she turned to face him.
"Good morning." She said, looking up at him. Her muzzle twisted into a frown as she noticed the look on his face. "Sorry, but I did tell you I'd be a cat again by morning, remember?"
Naruto merely nodded in response. At least her words proved that last night's bizarre events hadn't been just a dream.
When the blond failed to answer, Nozomi exhaled softly and got to her feet. "Look, if I could be human right now I would, but I can't. Sorry for the disappointment." Before she could jump off the bed, however, Naruto's hands closed around he
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''The Christmas Cat'' Pt. 1
Naruto pulled his blue-and-orange-striped scarf tighter, shuddering against the extreme cold as he walked down the street. His breath came out in soft, visible puffs, making him wish that he had a bus pass. At least the public vehicles would be warm with all the people inside to help fight off the Winter chill. Maybe he'd look into that possibility when he got his next paycheck.
The whiskered blond picked up his pace, and the white bag he held bumped into his side, causing him to grin. It had been about a month since he got on at Ichiraku Ramen, the hottest new restaurant in town. The place was constantly packed, and he had little down time as one of the newest waiters on staff, but it paid well, and his boss was incredibly generous. At the end of the day, the old man would send Naruto home with all the food he could carry (usually ramen), insisting his workers had to be well fed to keep up with his bustling business.
It was a fact that Naruto was extremely grateful for, since he didn'
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Nozomi: Chapter 16
One year later
The chirping of birds outside the window invaded Nozomi’s ears, making them stand up and she yawned, lifting her head from the pillow.  Her eyes widened as she realized how late it was and she shot up from the bed, gasping when the clock confirmed her suspicions.   “What the?  Saera-sensei never lets me sleep this late!”
The brunette groaned as she stumbled about the room, getting dressed and brushing her hair before she hurried out of the room.  “There’s no time to eat, I’ll just get some milk!” She said, hurrying to the refrigerator.
As she reached for the handle, she noticed a note and paused, tearing it off the fridge and reading its contents.  
“What...?  Cancelled? ”  Golden eyes scanned the rest of the paper, narrowing in annoyance.  “Well, that explains why she let me sleep in, I guess...But what could she possibly need to do that’s gon
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Nozomi: Chapter 15
When Nozomi poked her head out of her room the next day, she was surprised to find Saera standing there, poised to knock.  “Oh, Saera-sensei.  G’morning.” She murmured, trying to hide the confusion in her voice.
Of course, Saera could tell either way and shook her head slightly, fixing her with a serious look.  “Good, you’re up.  Get ready.  We have errands to run.”
One eyebrow lifted curiously.  “We?” Nozomi echoed, watching as the blonde turned to walk away.
Pausing, the woman glanced back over her shoulder and nodded.  “Yes, we.  So get ready and meet me outside.” Without another word, she headed out the door.
A small smile found its way onto Nozomi’s face as she got dressed.  It was kind of random, but Saera wanted to go somewhere together!  
‘Maybe this really is the start of a new bond between us.’ She thought hopefully as she br
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October Sketch Challenge 4/4 by StarGazingKitten October Sketch Challenge 4/4 :iconstargazingkitten:StarGazingKitten 4 2 October Skech Challenge 3/4 by StarGazingKitten October Skech Challenge 3/4 :iconstargazingkitten:StarGazingKitten 4 0 October Sketch Challenge 2/4 by StarGazingKitten October Sketch Challenge 2/4 :iconstargazingkitten:StarGazingKitten 3 5


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Hello, hope everyone is having a good start to the new year!  I know mine has been pretty...well...hectic. xD
I just turned 28 and with it came a whole lot more drama and chaos than I had expected and I have been so bogged down I can't catch up. :work:  So to everyone who wished me a happy birthday here in some way, shape or form, Thank you all very much! :thanks:  I truly, truly appreciate it sooo much <3

Now the thing that kept me from responding to every person individually.  Well...For quite some time now, prolly a few years at least, I have had severe problems with stomach pains and such.  I go to urgent care almost regularly for pains and indigestion and stuff, but it never seems to stay fully resolved.  So....a few days after my birthday these pains finally landed me in the Emergency Room where I was eventually admitted into the hospital and told I would need surgery for pancreatitis and cholecystitis. This was almost no surprise to me since the latter has run in my family for generations, but I was the first one to have problems with the about a messed up birthday present, neh. ;p  I had to wait two days to get surgery and ended up staying in the hospital from Friday-Wednesday, where I was kept super drugged up and prolly slept more than I have since having my baby (who is now 8 months old, wowza!). 

I am finally home and recovering but I am not allowed to lift much so it's interesting trying to take care of my kids and stuff...and I'm tired.  So, so tired.  So as much as I wanted to reply to things individually I figured I'd just cover everyone here, and why not give a journal update while I was at it? xD

There's more I want to say but the painkillers are kicking in so...some other time...:sleep:
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