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Dear followers, I like to thank you all so much for 106 followers. I’m very appreciative of it. Though I’m also very sorry that I’ve haven’t been posting anything for the past months. I’ve been pretty busy lately, especially since the school year is drawing to a end for me. I haven’t found any time to draw anything but with the expceptance of some sketches and doodles that I managed to do during school hours.
I will like to announce that I have decided to only use my Twitter to view art, I don’t expect to post anything on it anymore. But with that out of the way I will also like to say that even if I’m not quite as active on Deviantart anymore I’ll will be posting some sketches and art that I made on my Instagram. I’m now more active on their now since my friends also have accounts, so I’m more willing to post art there. Maybe this summer I’ll start to make more art but I can’t promise anything.