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Dyme and the Dozen ch. 7
The terrible spinning sensation just wouldn’t stop its relentless attack on the senses.  There was a sickening scent that lingered in the air, bringing back strange and unusual fragments of memories from days so long past that the dreamer began to wonder if it was someone else’s thoughts he was now recalling. Times that seemed so distant, when he’d been stuck in bed as a little tiny child, not allowed to get up and leave the confines of his blankets for fear that going out into cold air would worsen his illness.  Strange, forgotten memories of pains he had to bear.  They lingered for just a moment then faded into a misty fog, only to be replaced by horrid nightmares about horrible little creatures and strange plastic objects that resembled bears.
The stale air hanging in the quiet still room made it too suffocating to be in there another moment.  Anything would be better than this stifling prison haunted by unorganized memory fragm
:icondragonnova:dragonnova 81 41
Head Trip - Twilight Sucks by shinga Head Trip - Twilight Sucks :iconshinga:shinga 24,830 16,213
Dyme and the Dozen Ch.6
Lost in the darkness... long ignored memories were revisited... strange emotions returned...
~Radiant Garden was no longer so radiant. Darkness was taking it over, seeping into the planet’s very being.  Steeping hearts with thoughts of the void.
Controlling... Manipulating...
People that were once kind were now becoming tainted with bitterness and hatred.  Bright hearts filled with light... now reflected a magnified glimpse of that tiny bit of darkness found in all hearts. Some escaped to worlds unknown before they could feel the change of despair... some did not...
Darkness was stirring in every heart that remained, conquering even the strongest of them.~

There was a faint light glowing on the desk, a tiny flicker of lamplight fighting away the darkness in the room.  The only sound echoing in the stillness was that of a pen scratching rapidly across paper, spilling forth research notes; accompanied by the faint sound of breathing, lips silentl
:icondragonnova:dragonnova 83 61
Dyme and the Dozen ch.5
The room was eerily quiet and still, the only visible movement came from the gently shifting white curtains each time the morning breeze outside picked up slightly and inched its way through the open slat in the window.  This gave the room a comfortable cool feeling, accompanied by the refreshing scent of morning.
Even though darkness reigned the World that Never Was, there still seemed to be a strange sort of shift in the temperature that normally shouldn’t be possible in a sunless world.  The only conclusion could be that Kingdom Hearts acted as both sun and moon, seasonal warmth during ‘daylight’ hours and the chill of nighttime when the shadows grew powerful and swallowed all.   It never got hot, just comfortable warmth; it never got cold, just comfortably brisk.  Often times a Nobody would be perfectly content to crack open a window andleave it that way long into the night.
Zexion was no exception to this little observati
:icondragonnova:dragonnova 102 63
Dyme and the Dozen Ch. 4
“Please, tell me that this… this… thing… is NOT poisonous and about to kill me…” Xemnas painfully growled through clenched teeth.
“Of course it’s not going to kill you, heh heh.” Vexen chuckled nervously before turning and whispering to Zexion, “It’s going to put him into a temporary death like coma and then he’ll wake up with a horrendous hangover and memory loss and proceed to vomit his insides out for the next week.”

It was a strange sort of dream that simply faded into burning... stinging…white…
It felt like nothingness; the body suspended in time and space. No feeling against the skin or sensations that would tell a human being, even a Nobody for that matter, that they were still among the living.  
Consciousness seemed to still be there, self-awareness in an endless field of blank white. He wondered if he WAS still alive, inwardly…outwardly?
Had he just voiced this concern to the whit
:icondragonnova:dragonnova 89 61
'Dyme and the Dozen' Ch.3
Brilliant beams of artificial sunlight filtered warm rays through the tall crystalline patchwork of glass the window of a somewhat small room filled with foliage and flowers.  It was the only room in the castle, no, the only room in this world of darkness that seemed to glow with the brilliance of a normal spring day. The much needed warm sunlight gently reached out to all the plants while also illuminating the hunched over figure of a man kneeling before a small yellow rose bush.
His light cherry colored hair that usually fell free in layers was now pulled back into a loose tie at the base of his neck, freeing him from being hindered by flyaway strands while he worked intently on his small garden.  A usual routine that never changed as long as he had been ‘alive’; wake up to what should normally be early dawn, shower, then greet his loved ones.  
Yet something this day had stopped him from his habitual tending and watering the small lives that d
:icondragonnova:dragonnova 117 52
Dyme and the Dozen ch.2
~last time~
Demyx froze; his eyes fixed on the handle to his closet, his fingers just barely brushing against the cold surface of the door.  It seemed like an eternity before he made any sort of motion after that.  He drew back his hand, slowly eyeing the door.  “I know that sound…” he barely mouthed the words as his hand withdrew from the door and settled over his chest.
Demyx suddenly twitched, the feeling of free falling suddenly overwhelmed him only to be stopped by his mattress and the feeling of warm covers surrounding him.  His eyes shot open as he looked up at his clock on the night stand.  It was alive and well, happily ticking away and telling him that it was now about 9am.  
He was about to question the powers of the time device when something caught his attention from the corner of his eye.  He turned his head locking eyes with a very familiar face that was hovering, no fa
:icondragonnova:dragonnova 122 69
Dyme and the Dozen -PitA 2-
Pale silver moon light played off the white corridors; it’s gentle touch seemed to reach into the veiled corners of every darkened room, illuminating the secrets that would normally be lost to all in the night.  Dark secrets brought on by dark dreams, things that shouldn’t exist in a world that shouldn’t have ever existed.
This night was like most nights in the World that Never Was, Quiet and eerily peaceful.  Yet despite the peace that seemed to fill the corridors bringing unknown dreams to the inhabitants of the castle, there was still something not quite right.   Something dreadfully cold and ominous was hanging in the air, a threat that was lying in wait in the darkest part of the castle.  Hidden and forgotten by nearly all but one…
Covers rustled, a faint moan escaped from underneath the light blue comforter that was snuggly entwined around some mysterious form.  Without warning the cover rip
:icondragonnova:dragonnova 155 80
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Thu Mar 7, 2019, 1:03 AM
Because dA sucks and Eclipse is terrible, in case everything catches fire you can find me at the following places!

Twitter Twitter:
Toyhouse Icon ultramini
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My tends to be the most active because I post my characters there. I am on Discord daily but I'm keeping that one private to friends for personal reasons.

If I were going to pick one to be my new hub of activity, it'd be Twitter over Tumblr. I watch more artists there (also tumblr is just as dumb as dA) and could be a bit more free with my content (which is art and shitposting, which is basically an art form itself)

If I get the chance I would like to get a Pillowfort account since a lot of artists I followed grabbed them as well after tumblr caught fire.

~ Sammie

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